MKT Softwares: Automating Cumbersome and Routine Activities of HR

Amit Tiwari, CEO & MD

Amit Tiwari


By the rise of artificial intelligence, the last decade brought an avalanche of change to the HR industry. The Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report found that 84 percent of executives consider people analytics to be a high priority for their organizations. Being one of the leading providers of IT consulting and implementation services, MKT Softwares, headquartered in Kanpur and corporate office in Noida, provides complete end-to-end solutions for technology driven business transformation initiatives. MKT offers a managed HR service that works in partnership with the client to supply cost effective solutions for all of their HR needs.

“It is not just human resource management it is one capital management up gradation. There every individual would have their own dashboard and they can measure his own performance so no need for any employee to directly talk to the HR manager for each and every single activity”, said Amit Tiwari, CEO & Managing Director, MKT Softwares.

Flawless Employee Management System
A managed HR service provides companies with access to the highest levels of HR expertise on-demand and without the expense of hiring dedicated staff. As an end to end HR ERP provider, MKT Softwares takes care of all the functionalities of HR with the help of an artificial intelligence process. So
at the time of recruitment MKT’s AI engine filters the candidates based upon their eligibility, job profile and requirement of the department which helps to saves the time of HR manager to filter the candidates. Secondly, it automates the processing load and integrates workflow, and because of an integrated workflow it again reduces the time for performing a rigid task. MKT Softwares’ HR services cover the complete compliance of the government, dashboard, and PI tool where management can see the costing, performance of the individual, leave mechanism - absentees cost etc. Other than this, if any organization has field employees, MKT provides all the latest technology attendance systems which include app based attendance, webbased attendance, RFID-base attendance, and biometric based attendance. The employees can register their attendance from any of the systems and MKT’s HR system can consolidate multiple attendance processes which will automatically update the employee record. So no matter whether the employee is marking the attendance to which media, MKT can integrate all the possibilities of marking that. Additionally, having end-to-end integrated applications keeps all the modules connected to each other so there is no need for duplication of the records.

As MKT offers a managed HR service that works in partnership with the client to supply cost-effective solutions for all of their HR needs

Established in 2006, MKT Softwares works with large corporations and new generation technology companies to build new products or services and also to implement prudent business and technology strategies in today’s dynamic digital environment. Likewise, the company helped one of the clients who have 4000 employees in their multiple branches. Earlier to do all the HR works like to generate payroll and all, they took 7-8 days. But now after using MKT’s HR system, they can do it in 3 hours. Even, every employee has their own dashboard where they can see and track their own record, salary slip, can apply for leave and get approved from the same. Because of this efficiency the company has won three times Top 100 IT Company award from IDG Corporation and Young entrepreneur award from Uttar Pradesh chapter of TiE. Other than this MKT Softwares has also been nominated in India Mart ET Leaders of tomorrow award. More so, in the near future MKT is planning to go overseas with local compliance which will involve more of the AI-based mechanism. Also, the company will integrate more social media activity of every employee so that behavioral analysis of the employee can be taken care of.