Mirafra Software Technologies: Redefining Product Engineering Services Industry the 'Talent' Way

Alok Kuchlous,CEO & Co-Founder

Alok Kuchlous

CEO & Co-Founder

India VLSI design services market is expected to reach USD 3-billion by 2018, growing at a CAGR of 16.25 percent year on year. As part of this growth, companies are pushed aggressively to improve turn-around time and meeting high standards of quality for extremely complex designs. Time to market has never been this daunting and integration of hundreds of IPs in an SoC has never been this complex as well. Amid these challenges, Mirafra Technologies has overturned all stones into opportunities and stands as a leader in providing niche technology design services by assimilating VLSI hardware, embedded software, cloud and data analytics. With deep-rooted values and high-integrity, the company has carved a niche in the national and international markets including the U.S. and Europe.

Mirafra was established in 2004 by Alok Kuchlous & PV Shyam Sunder Rao(Co-Founders)and focuses on its strengths and builds expert-teams & talents bottoms-up. Having a world-class Design Excellence Center at Manipal, Udupi, it cherry picks the right talent from across India and makes them industry-ready by providing hands-on training on live projects under expert guidance. The company stands for high quality engineering teams and provides world-class engineering services to it’s customers to release state-of-the-art products. It operates in
niche industry verticals like Semiconductor, Automotive, Industrial, Healthcare & Life-sciences, Storage and many more. While simultaneously picking right tools and resources, Mirafra helps new products sail through competitive market and reach targets successfully.“If not the only one, we are one of the best companies, offering end-to-end design and integration services worldwide in VLSI hardware, embedded software and data analytics,” asserts Anil Ramachandran,VP – Sales, MirafraTechnologies.

Mirafra excels in translating technical and management leadership to next level and delivers optimal solutions to cater to all technology requirements

Quality Talent & Niche Services
Mirafra excels in translating technical and management leadership to next level and delivers optimal solutions to cater to all technology requirements of its customers, thus integrating expertise with customer-centric approach. “Everything from Silicon to Systems including Micro Architecture, RTL design, Verification, Physical Design, Analog Design and Board Design is developed by us and integrated together to build next generation products of our clients,” adds Upendra Tripathi, SVP – Hardware, Mirafra Technologies.

Mirafra’s software team brings life to the boards based on these hardware chipsets, right from board bring-up to OS optimization and customization, performance tuning, various cloud based management
solutions for different devices etc. with responsive UI. The software team has strong presence in Telecom, Datacom, Automotive. “We follow stringent methods in identifying talents not only on the basis of their academics and technical skills but also with strong assessment in their proactive attitude. This is a significant differentiator,” adds Bimal Bhattacharya, SVP – Software, Mirafra Technologies.

Digital Technology Solutions Group provides cloud services with cloud integration of big data into AWS/Azure and data analytics services that include business intelligence & predictive modeling. “From data mining to machine learning, we go all the way up to high end research in NLP and Artificial Intelligence based image processing,” adds Rajagopalan V, SVP – DTS, Mirafra Technologies.

Shyam Sunder Rao, MD& Co-Founder
Rooting Excellence Worldwide
With 750+ people spread across offices in Bangalore (headquarter), Hyderabad, Chennai, Manipal, Europe and the U.S., the company envisions establishing new design centers at several tier2 cities in India and talent incubation centers in universities nationally, alongside strengthening its roots in Europe, U.S. and Asia Pacific regions. With plans in pipeline for vertical and horizontal growth, Mirafra intends to tap new opportunities through its reputed clients, build a stronger customer base and aggressively target sectors like automotive, healthcare and grow further in IOT, Cloud and Data Science verticals.