Migifting: Your Ultimate Source for Bespoke Corporate Gifts

Parul Arya ,FounderThe evolving dynamics of the corporate world, spurred by technological advancements and shifting employee expectations, have significantly impacted various industries. One sector that has particularly thrived amidst these changes is the corporate gifting industry. Today, businesses recognize the power of thoughtful gifting in enhancing their brand image, making corporate gifting companies increasingly sought-after.

Be it any internal gathering/function or an external event such as conferences or seminars, organizations are now lay¬ing huge emphasis on their corporate gifting plans, and even see it as one of the most efficient ways of enhancing their brand image.

Within this burgeoning industry, MIGIFTING stands out as a leader. Founded by Parul Arya in Dubai in 2007, MIGIFTING relocated to Gurgaon in 2017 to seize the abundant opportunities within India's corporate gifting market. Today, MIGIFTING is acclaimed among India's business community as the preferred partner for an array of gifting needs. MIGIFTING’s product portfolio is vast, featuring accessories for men & women,
home & kitchen items, golf paraphernalia, and a multitude of other corporate gift products. Being its flagship area, some of the major products that the company offers under corporate gifting include notebooks, smart diaries, mobile gadgets, hoodies, speakers and many others. Additionally, each of these products are not only of very high quality and durable, but they are also customized as per the client requirements. This way, the company is also enabling its clients to strengthen their brand im¬age among the customers.

“For instance, our smart diaries are not only perfect for travel enthusiasts, but also come with an inbuilt power bank. We also have eco-friendly 3D products created using 3D printing technology. Recognizing that traditional brochures and flyers are often discarded after distribution, we’ve introduced functional, interactive 3D products that can be utilized long-term by our clients, ensuring none of our products go to waste. This proactive approach has cement¬ed MIGIFTING’s status as a highly sought-after provider of corporate gifting solutions”, Parul illustrates.

MIGIFTING’s process is as personalized as the products it offers

MIGIFTING’s process is as personalized as the products it offers. Initially, the team meets with clients for a brainstorming session to understand their business, target audience, and the nature of the occasion. The company's research team then curates a range of suitable products and presents them to the client along with a physical sample and pricing. Only after the client approves, does MI-GIFTING proceed with production. To top it off, the company ensures efficient delivery for clients across India and globally.

“Unlike competitors who offer standard items like pens and diaries, we consistently innovate our portfolio with the aid of our research team. We have established contacts in Hong Kong and Korea, enabling us to source unique products unavailable elsewhere in the market. Additionally, we prioritize exceptional customer service, responding to every client query within an hour – a response time we believe is unparalleled in the market today. Looking ahead, we will continue to invest in product research and diversify our portfolio, staying at the forefront of market growth in our country", Parul concludes.