PML Holidays : An Expert Leader Revolutionizing The Mice Travel Space

Rajneesh Bansal,   Managing Director

Rajneesh Bansal

Managing Director

Travel and tourism is a booming industry today, and with the advancements in business and technology, the growth potential is critically high in the field. Especially MICE travel being increasingly popular among businesses and organizations is a booming sector in the tourism industry having a significant impact on the economy.

Traveling can be a demanding task, and it cannot be overlooked that orchestrating a business trip or exhibition requires meticulous attention to various details, encompassing ticket reservations, accommodation confirmations, transport arrangements, meal planning, and additional logistical considerations. Here, MICE travel operators effectively help along operating and providing travelling clients through the contracting, booking and packaging along with the various components of tour such as checking for hotel accommodations, transportation, meals, guides, optional tours and flight. Quite well, looking after and helping across the end-to-end arrangement of business events, they prove to be of great help to the businesses and organizations today. Be it foreign exchange or travel insurance, or more, nothing is questionable in their service packages.

Despite the presence of intense competition in this segment, after the global recovery trend, key players are optimistic about this and the research stats ascertains this owing to the IMARC Group’s analysis of the global MICE market which is expected to value $1978.7 billion, rising from $1153.8 billion in 2023, exhibiting a CAGR of 6.18 percent. Amongst many existing leaders in the industry, one company that makes a significant mark in this rising industry, contributing to it with a great deal of business is PML Holidays.

This 32 year old company is one of the leading companies in compre-hensive travel assistance. As a trailblazer in revolutionizing travel assistance, PML provide round-the-clock support worldwide, to all traveller’s in their native language, and at viable cost. For instance, be it organizing a destination wedding, a product launch, or any event requires coordination, PML Holidays has a 360 degree approach to delivering the MICE travel assistance services. Its services include coordinating aspects like flight bookings, accommodation, event management, guest coordination, local transportation, and arranging facilities such as photographers, videographers, beauty parlors, and technicians.

PML Holidays has approximately 200+ branches across the country, with presence in destinations like Himachal, Kerala, Mumbai, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Hyderabad, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Leh Ladakh. Moreover, it is the company’s robust strength of 1200+ employees serving nationwide who help it to efficiently manage events at a large scale, proficiently meeting the clients’ requirements. “To better serve our customers, we have local teams in various regions, including Himachal, Gujarat, and Rajasthan. Our well-trained employees
understand customer behavior and effectively sell and implement travel packages.

For instance, when organizing a trip from Gujarat to Kerala, the Gujarat team handles sales while the Kerala team manages implemen-tation, showcasing our coordinated effort to serve our customers better. This serves as our competitive advantage. The company specializes in travel management services PAN India, and also has a partnership office in top destinations like Dubai, Thailand, Europe, Singapore, and more. We coordinate with local teams in international destinations and have long-term relationships with companies worldwide. Our experienced teams can handle local logistics and budgeting, allowing us to offer competitive rates to our customers. We also participate in prominent events to promote travel to emerging destinations such as Saudi Arabia”, explains Rajneesh Bansal, Managing Director, PML Holidays.

The companys exercise in the travel industry dates back to 2010, & it has established long-term relationships with destination management companies world wide, allowing it to offer the best rates & local arrangements

The Unique Factors

Well, there are several key factors that set Paul Merchants apart from its competitors. Firstly, its extensive network and presence across over 200 touch points in the country, makes it the only travel company with such expansive coverage. Secondly, being a full-service travel company, it also offers foreign exchange services as a RBI Regulated ADII company and travel insurance to its clients utilizing its licenses from the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI). This really proves it to be a regulated and reliable travel company. It also handles ticketing, hotel bookings, and foreign exchange in-house, and we are introducing our own Multi Currency card for customer convenience. "We take pride in our local presence, experienced staff, domestic support, and long-standing partnerships across the globe. Moreover, what we do differently is that we've curated a variety of offbeat locations. We have a local team that knows exactly where to go, including Instagrammable spots for great photos”, says Rajneesh.

The company’s exercise in the travel industry dates back to 2010, and it has established long-term relationships with destination management companies worldwide, allowing it to offer the best rates and local arrangements. It even goes beyond common tourist spots, arranging activities such as trekking and paragliding to ensure client satisfaction. Additionally, it offers expert guidance on local cuisines and souvenirs. “We prioritize customer satisfaction as our ultimate goal, believing their happiness measures our success. We go to great lengths to keep customers content, arranging local transportation and keeping them informed about any delays during events. If issues arises, we strive to find suitable solutions. Despite event challenges, our top priority is to keep customers happy and well taken care of, making Paul Merchants a leading travel company in the country”, shares Rajneesh.

He adds, “We continually enhance our services based on customer feed back, providing valuable insights to future travelers. Unlike online platforms, our physical locations and accessible customer care center guarantee seamless issue resolution. Our travel experts deliver counseling sessions and offer destination-specific tips, epitomizing our commitment to exceeding customer expectations. Moreover, we participate in prominent events such as the Arabian Travel Mart, where we recently engaged with representatives from emerging destinations, like Saudi Arabia, to promote travel to these locations”.

Growth & Future Trajectory

Over the years, PML Holidays has organized numerous events and sent many customers on trips, keeping up with the market trends. PML Holidays, now placed at the apex of the industry, gives all the credit to its exp-erienced team for leading it here, well managing the local logistics, and ensuring effective budgeting.

“Since 2010, we've grown our travel operation, but the COVID-19 pandemic set us back 12-18 months. Over the last three years, we've expanded into new countries and set up a representative office in Dubai. We plan to open more branches overseas, starting with Thailand and possibly Singapore. Last year, we partnered with Air Mauritius and Cordelia Cruises to offer comprehensive travel services, aiming to manage the entire travel experience for our customers”, concludes Rajneesh.