MeasurementSolutions:Delivering Systemswithunmatched Measurement Speed&Flexibilityof Measurementwith High ReliabilityandConsistent Repeatability

Vincent George, President & CEO

Vincent George

President & CEO

Over the years, Test and Measurement (T&M) equipment sales has grown significantly, reflecting the critical role it plays in any industry, right from research and development(R&D)to production and services. The T&M market is expected to reach $35.45 billion by 2022 at a CAGR of six percent (Markets and Markets). Users depend on these equipment to provide accurate, reliable, repeatable measurements thus gaining advantage on time to market. Despite this, the T&M industry has some how remained out of the spotlight in India.

Incorporated in 1997, Measurement Solutions Private Limited(MSPL)has been in the forefront of delivering exclusive and top-notch T&M solutions to the customers engaged in RF & Microwave Antenna Design / Manufacturing / Testing arena. Major corporate companies and organizations involved in the Aerospace & Defense market have benefited from these deliveries.

“We identify, bring-in and promote
latest technologies from Global Leaders in the specific Technology Area to provide state-of-the-art products and solutions- optimized for the ever-changing industry needs,” avers Vincent George, President & CEO, MSPL.

RF & Micro Wave Measurements
The company offers comprehensive range of solutions for Antenna Testing, Radom Measurement, RCS Measurements and Over the Air Testing(OTA- testing of all the communication & wireless products covering cellular voice, 3G, 4G and 5G).

Over the period of time MSPL has evolved as a multi-faceted company meeting the varied demands of the market. Without losing the focus on RF & Microwave measurement market, the company also has established & nurtured a team within the company to deliver top of the line Test & Measurement solutions for the Security & Surveillance market.

Security & Surveillance
“We are contributing to the home land security by introducing various measurement tools for CBRNe. The company also delivers home integrated surveillance systems for 24×7 wide area surveillance” adds Vincent.

Products & Solutions are delivered for CBRNe measurements ensuring safety of public and personnel working in these domains. Similarly, systems capable of 24/7 Wide Area Surveillance are delivered for
Military, Para-military & Civilians applications. All products are manufactured under stringent quality-controlled environment at company’s Principals(OEM) manufacturing facilities based in France, Italy, Israel & USA

Advance Methodologies
Since its inception, MSPL has continuously evolved in scope & scale with advancements in technologies and practices. Apart from deploying hybrid electro-mechanical technology(rendering flexibility and speed of measurement with consistent repeatability), the ability to carry out fully automated measurements and comprehensive analysis of the measurement results guarantees the customers with timely delivery of the products to the market.

An ISO 9001:2008 certified company - with understanding of MIL, CISPR and CTIA standards & regulations, MSPL has a committed, competent and factory trained pool of engineers to ensure dependable after sales services.

With a vision to create value for all its customers & employees, MSPL puts their team through frequent training programs covering new technologies & products. In the years to come, the company envision growing as a team to become country’s preferred suppliers of RF and MW products/services.