Maya Films: Blending Tradition with Innovation in Video Film Production

  Maya Chandra,    FounderThe fusion of traditional filmmaking values with contemporary business practices is rare. Especially in an industry where organization and regulation are scarce, MAYA Films stands out as a beacon, blending the ethos of a traditional film production house with a modern twist and an independent spirit devoted to captivating storytelling and engaging audiences. MAYA Films was founded by Maya Chandra, a veteran film production entrepreneur who has been in the industry for over 25 years. At the time, corporate film industry was in its nascent stage, and she found it an ideal situation to set trends. Beginning her journey as an editor in Bangalore, Maya's passion for filmmaking led her to explore corporate film production.

"After honing skills in the USA and working with esteemed institutions like Columbia Broadcasting Service, upon returning to India, the goal was to establish a 'Make in India' enterprise, blending passion for film making with business acumen. “Facing challenges in a nascent industry, I started small – working as an editor at various studios. Then, I ventured into corporate film production and hired studios and crews to save resources so I could set up my own Company. By 1999, the company MAYA was founded and registered as an MSME", states Maya Chandra, Founder.

Diverse Services & Specializations

MAYA Films offers an array of services, including corporate films, documentaries, marketing, advertising, legacy, heritage films, biopics, healthcare and government
communications. Initially focusing on corporate projects, the company expanded into government and healthcare communications, notably transforming government communications for Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and especially for Karnataka. Maya's contributions to healthcare communications range from high-end academic and surgical tutorial films to hospital communications and patient education. With a focus on niche areas, the firm has delivered over 600 - 700 successful projects to date.

"We have moved on to documentary film making and digital shorts; we have adapted to the times and focus more on social media content and digital content that corporations, governments, private companies, and NGOs want. Besides, our core services revolve around legacy documentation and biopics. We excel at documenting significant milestones, such as organizations reaching centenary, platinum or golden jubilees, and shaping collective consciousness through profound historical narratives for FKCCI, MahilaSeva Samaja, MSIL and Century Club. Biopics are another forte that gives another dimension to our storytelling expertise", says Maya.

Moreover, MAYA Films, led by its Founder and a like-minded team, prioritizes proactive and creative thinking, often aligned with the Founder's vision. The team is enthusiastic about exploring various technologies to enhance their storytelling capabilities, including artificial intelligence. They emphasize harnessing technology positively and proactively to enhance their creative endeavors. The Founder acknowledges the innate nature of creativity and focuses on nurturing and pushing the team to exceed expectations. With a dedicated team committed to using technology to enhance visual storytelling, MAYA Films aims to consistently deliver innovative and satisfying experiences for its clients and viewers.

Furthermore, Maya Chandra has received numerous accolades, including the Karnataka Woman Achievers Award 2023, Chanakya Award for Communication Excellence, eMerge Woman Achiever Award, Women in Distinctive Profession, and more. The Public Relations Council of India has awarded more than 15 films from Maya over the years. Notably, one path-breaking documentary was honored with the Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival Award in 2023. The company boasts esteemed clients such as state governments, Fotis Healthcare, Narayana Netralaya, the Manipal Group, JSS Mahavidyapeetha, RV Institutions, and more. MAYA Films has maintained a longstanding partnership with the Bangalore Traffic Police, producing films for their traffic management center and for road safety awareness.

Emphasizing her future agenda, Maya concludes, "We aim to venture into feature films and develop exclusive content for OTT platforms. We are also focussing on bridging the gap between academics and industry, aiming to develop talent that is industry-ready and friendly”.