Maxser Global Supply Chain: Leveraging Technology to Ensure End-to-End Efficient Logistics Experience

 Amjat Abid Ali,  Founder & Managing Director

Amjat Abid Ali

Founder & Managing Director

In this fast-paced moving world, one thing that is very seamless nowadays is courier services. With an impeccable evolution of technology and transportation facilities combined, the sector has been a great boon for its customers. Since there has been a fast rise in e-commerce and the global transition to online shopping and commodities transportation, the cargo business has witnessed a remarkable surge. Cashing on this opportunity is Maxser Global Supply Chain, an international courier cargo service provider, keen on revolutionizing the world of international courier services by providing unparalleled convenience and security for each and every item they transport.

With a focus on individual customers, Maxser’s goal is to deliver flawless operations and a seamless experience. Their mission is to make international transportation effortless. What sets it apart from its competitors is that they offer customized packing as per the client’s preference. “Being a pack-and-send service, customers usually prefer this style of service since their parcels can be packed as per the occasion or to whom it is intended to. Normally, other courier companies just receive the package and send it. But that is not the case with us. We have a lot of value-added services embedded alongside customized packing and sending along the deliveries internationally. We are not only just a courier company. Maxser takes care of the packing of the purpose to which they are told.
Additionally, we have an online tracking portal where all can track their shipments so that they can detect where it is exactly moving”, speaks Amjat Abid Ali, Founder & Managing Director.

Maxser Global Supply Chains predominantly fall under three categories. They have dedicated their services under DocExp, PacExp & MedExp. The DocExp deals with document related deliveries while PacExp deals with parcels & MedExp deals with medical related deliveries. Maxser basically works in a customer to customer ecosystem and not a business-to-business one. This international transport of these three critical categories of documents, parcels and medicines is really a thought-provoking one making lives a lot easier. One perfect example to quote this would be if an NRI is in the USA and is not well, then through these services medicines can be sent across.

With a focus on individual customers, Maxser’s goal is to deliver flawless operations & a seamless experience

When it comes to the security of the packages and also the products that are being packed, Maxser has a very careful and handpicked process. All their products and items that undergo the packing process are gone through rigorous scanning. The firm has a scanning machine which scans each and every parcel that they receive. Maxser’s security process is very stringent about how securely the deliverables are to be handled. For the same cause, Maxser also has a highly equipped scanning machine which makes them go through the contents of the package. The firm also looks out for products that are prohibited as per the Indian airline policies, and which will be removed as soon as one is found.

Maxser Global Supply Chains has a vast international network of businesses which they have a tie-ups with. Technology wise they are upgrading day in and day out. Maxser is making it very strong in the technology which suits the current business model. “We strongly believe that it is technology that runs today’s world. Hence, we make sure that every facet of our business is benefitted accordingly and is equipped and aligned with the latest technology processes. This in turn has been more convenient even to their customers too”, shares Amjat.

On asking about the future plans, Maxser Global is expecting to spread its wings across South India that includes Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala. Also, Maxser is looking out for franchises across South India for future growth.