Mass-Tech Controls: A Complete In-House Charging Solution for Broader Mass

Anurag Patil,Director Operations

Anurag Patil, Director - Operations

The energy needed to power a battery-powered lift truck is substantial. According to one estimate, the typical charger consumes approximately 15,000 kWh per year, resulting in a total utility cost of $1,500 annually. For a large facility with many lift trucks, the total cost can be very large, relative to other end-use equipment often targeted for energy efficiency improvements. Majority of industrial battery chargers in use today are conventional chargers, which have long been in existence and proven to be very reliable for high power applications. However, recent changes in chargers like HF chargers, the most recent entrant to the industrial battery charging market, have quickly gained a market foothold in recent years. As such, Bombay headquartered Mass-Tech Controls offers a total solution, right from battery sizing up to installation and commissioning & handing over the DC system as total package.

Not limiting itself to just upbeat manufacturing, Mass-Tech also
provides phenomenal service uptime of less than 48 hours in any metropolitan city. With production capabilities to manufacture around 100 chargers both AC and DC in the current infrastructure capacity of all variants, the company is strategically catering to a wide range of clients at significantly low cost. This 1993 established company is the manufacturer of DC UPS comprising of Battery Charging Equipment, Converters, Polarization Rectifiers, Cathodic Protection, LV Switchgear Panels and allied equipment required for zero break DC supply system for power station applications, refineries, petrochemicals, process industries, along with batteries of various types, viz. Ni-Cd, lead acid, SMF VRLA type, and Lithium ion battery. Also, the company is ISO 9001-2008, 9000, 14000, 25000 certified by International Certification Services accredited by Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand. It has IEC 61851 certification for all its EC products as well.

"Mass-Tech Controls offers a total solution, right from battery sizing up to installation and commissioning & handing over the DC system as total package"

Developing In-House Charger
“Mass-Tech understands that quality is the lifeblood of any enterprise. Hence, quality is emphasized from product design, manufacturing up to supply and commissioning. The final equipment is rigorously tested before being dispatched,” states Anurag Patil, Director - Operations, Mass
-Tech Controls. The various tests carried-out are Functional test, Scheme & Logic test, Heat Run test, Dynamic Behaviour test, and Surge Withstand Capability test. Mass-Tech has diversified its dealings in industrial DC power equipment such as battery charges ranging from 24V-1000V catering to some A-listed clients like Volvo, PMI and others. Moreover, the company is in partnership with Stromversorgungsanlagen GmbH, a Germany-based R&D company. Also, Mass-Tech has a biggest partner in Europe, which is a leading company in EV infrastructure in Europe for buses. The most important proposition of Mass-Tech is that it manufactures in India under ‘Made in India’ and exports back to Europe.

The Trailblazer
This SME has traveled miles to place itself in the market where it is positioned now. The company aims to develop in-house charger in affordable price range with best of the inputs. It sees and strengthens its elements of Customization & Manufacturing with a dedicated line of service for its products. Recently knighted as the member of BIS committee, Mass-Tech vies to provide bulk offers soon to clients such as KPIT, Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland, NPTC and others. In coming years, the company is aiming to provide high-powered efficiency chargers with sleek look that are portable to reduce installation costs in the space of plug-in electric vehicle technology that is at the precipice of getting popularized.