Maexadata: Incorporating Universal Business Intelligence Systems to build Tomorrow's Tech

  Cyrus Lentin,  FounderThe role of technology in today’s day and age is becoming more and more prominent. The stronger artificial intelligence gets; the importance of data analysis is getting defined more clearly. AI and data analysis, together, hold the power of helping businesses make more informed and sound decisions about marketing and overall business development by collecting data from multiple sources and detecting patterns in order to make better predictions.

“Business Intelligence is the difference between successful and failing companies in the present and the years to come,” is what Maexadata, which was founded by Mr. Cyrus Lentin in October 2015, believes in. Head quartered in Mumbai, Maexadata is a business intelligence services company famously known for their customer orientation and problem solving approach to all client related queries. Specializing in providing consultancy, development & implementation and training services to their clientele, supporting the Tableau, Power BI, Python and Excel platforms.

Transformative Business Solutions
With their primary focus on clients in the SME space, Maexadata provides sustainable and scalable data solutions that can be accessed by anyone. Although high cost software or software requiring extremely skilled manpower is supported, Maexadata is known to provide timely solutions that are within their clients’ reach both technologically and commercially.

Throwing light onto why their clients are happy and satisfied with them, Maexadata had previously helped one of their clients, when it was observed that the compilation of datausing median computed compensation parameters when done manually, took approximately ten days, while with business intelligent systems, it could be reduced to one single day with zero errors.

Considering the solution orientation and the customer focus, Maexadata has become the go-to vendor for our clients when it comes to computerization or automation of any manual activity or any activity related to Business Intelligence

Talking about data challenges faced by businesses at present, Cyrus mentions, “As observed in the past most of the challenges involve manually done tasks that are time-consuming, error-prone and labour intensive.” Maexadata understands that the primary purpose of employing Business Intelligence Systems for the client is always to enable them to take proper decisions in a timely manner. Maexadata uses prominent BI-Tools like Power BI and Tableau as well as the ubiquitous MS-Excel to provide dynamic and domain specific dashboards, helping clients to derive actionable insights and reports on the business for better decision making.

Shaping the Future
Cyrus Lentin has more than 35 years of experience in the IT industry during which he has gained domain expertise in fields like Data Management Management Information Systems and Messaging & Infrastructure. And his extensive experience and business acumen in the field has led Maexadata to build an impressive client base since inception.

Talking about future plans for the company, Cyrus says, “The development and launch of ‘Universal Business Intelligence System’ is an integral part of the company roadmap. Universal Business Intelligence System aims to eliminate work from scratch for each company specific data; thus saving a lot of time that goes in development and testing for BI Systems for the organisation. We are working on a bridge which will connect to the client system and transport data into the format required by Universal Business Intelligence System. To achieve this, Maexadata prefers to opt for open source development using Python. This will be their first step to offer a productised service rather than a pure product or service offering.” Maexadata aims to remain technology agnostic to provide the most optimum solution to their customers.