Maa Live Events: Capturing Moments & Creating Connection By Streaming Live Videos

Anand Sai, Managing Director,P Bhargavi,CEO

Anand Sai

Managing Director

In this digital go-to world, with sweeping reforms in the IoT, media presentation & communication, content delivery network (CDN) has taken the milieu by storm. Today, live streaming and webcasting services are being leveraged by companies of all sizes in order to outstretch their reach and create an impact of the key events, meetings and messages on the users & target audiences. However, the industry which is expected to account $70.05 billion globally by 2021 still faces some specific shortfalls in terms of equipments, live streaming, internet bandwidth, connectivity and more, while catering to the conscious streamers over far and remote areas.

Underpinning all the necessary precursors, and assimilating these in a substantially aggrandized manner, Hyderabad-based MAA Live Events stands out using the unique technological solutions adopted from international firms. Offering the best industry solutions, it strives to add value to the client's corporate events, live surgery transmission, birthdays, weddings and more, by capturing their moments and webcasting it live in real time over the internet on several free social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook & Instagram Twitter.

Augmenting Your Reach
Established in the year 2017, MAA Live Events has rendered its services to various industrial sectors, which primarily includes hospitals, MNCs, tech companies, colleges,
schools, automobiles, electronics, and event companies, besides others. With steady growth, the company has gained huge recognition in offering full spectrum of internet broadcasting services such as Webcast, Webinar and Video on Demand for live corporate events, conferences, music concerts, weddings, educational events, product launch and surgeries. With no capital expense rating, the company manages all aspects of live streaming like production, website integration and delivery with no customer effort. For weddings, the company provides an exclusive web page in Maa Live Events website for users and attendees where they can live stream the wedding event videos on website page, YouTube, Instagram and even on Facebook page (with broadcast view reports & real time comments updates).

With no capital expense rating, the company manage all aspects of live streaming like production, website integration and delivery, with no customer effort

While many players in the industry use rental equipments, recruit external manpower and struggle with bad network and video resolution due to weak bandwidth, MAA Live Events utilizes its personally owned, most sophisticated international standard latest equipment (wireless) and technology (video hardware encoders), imported from western countries and delivers the videos in full HD quality. The company uses highly dedicated and secured servers for webcasting, and taking care of all the privacy measures, it safeguards its client's data & privacy (post events), where access is fully controlled by MAA Live Events and is left limited or open based on client's requirements. Accumulating a renowned list of clients like Clean Harbours, Apollo Hospitals, Apollo Clinics, Indian National Congress, Tata Sky, Sunshine Hospitals, Panasonic, NRI Medical College, Paradise Hotels, JNTU, Bachpan Schools, Preethi Appliances and others, it has entrenched a remark for its efficient services.

Plans Far & Beyond
Relishing a decent revenue until recently and having grown multi-folds, MAA Live Events is currently focused on scaling higher RoI to expand the services by procuring latest equipment and industry technology. Currently having stretched its services amidst South India, the company aims to spread nationwide and in Middle East countries. "We aim to satisfy the intended customers with the quality of our live streaming services. Reaching out to maximum people, our services have helped our clients' international delegates save time and avoid the travel rush," concludes Anand Sai, Managing Director, MAA Live Events.