Loopmatrix India: An End-To-End Consulting & It Support Services Firm

Abu Mustafa ,Co-Founder & Director

Abu Mustafa

Co-Founder & Director

In today’s digitally connected dynamic business landscape, it is very important for every business function to have access to high-speed internet connectivity. As a result, high speed internet connectivity solutions like Wi-Fi are in great demand in recent times. The recent roll-out of 5G services in India has further multiplied this demand. While there are many companies currently operating in this space, one company that has created a niche for itself in the industry through its profound domain expertise and high-quality services is LOOPMATRIX. Headquartered in New Delhi, the company was founded in 2021 by Vishant Gupta and Abu Mustafa (Co-Founders & Directors) and is today renowned among the business fraternity as one of the most reliable IT infrastructure rental and IT solutions provider.

Broad Service Portfolio
LOOPMATRIX offers a wide range of services mainly to large corporate events. A few major ones among them are IT Infrastructure Rentals, Campus Wi-Fi, Internet Leased Line, IP Telephony, Video Surveillance, IT Consulting and Complete Media Center Setup, to name a few. Additionally, the company also offers a host of corporate services that include Serve Management, Firewall Setup, VPN Setup, Network Setup, Leased Line Internet, Enterprise Wi-Fi, Asset Maintenance and Access Control services.
“Media Center Setup and Wi-Fi Setup are our major flagship services, wherein we have successfully done a complete media setup comprising of 100-150 computer systems for many high-profile events. Additionally, we also take care of all the networking, hardware equipment and every other requirement that a media setup demands to function in a hassle-free way. What makes us stand apart in this market is that the systems that we offer to these events are our own in-house systems”, adds Abu.

Customer Centricity at the Core
Keeping client satisfaction paramount, LOOPMATRIX follows a ‘no com¬promise’ attitude in each of its service offers, wherein it only uses genuine Microsoft software in every equipment that it offers. Also, the company conducts periodic maintenance checks of all its equipment, and any component that is found to be glitch is imme-diately discarded from its inventory. Additionally, its in-house technical team does two rounds of thorough systems check of every system being offered – once prior to sending them to the event venue and second time a day prior to the event at the venue itself where any component if found problematic is immediately replaced with a brand-new product on spot. This way, the company has been able to offer hassle-free services to our clients regardless of the event size.

We always ensure to carry spare parts & extra equipment to the event venue, so that if any problem is to occur regarding the equipment, they can be replaced immediately

“We always ensure to carry spare parts and extra equipment to the event venue, so that if any problem is to occur regarding the equipment, they can be replaced immediately without causing any disturbances for the event. All our Wi-Fi related systems are upgraded to version 6.0, and we always keep an eye on our internet speeds throughout the event duration. Also, each of our systems is equipped with our own licensed firewalls, thus assuring our clients about the safety of their private data”, Abu further explains.

Owing to such fine practices, LOOPMATRIX has been able to cater to many high-profile events such Makeshift Covid Hospitals by DRDO, Defense Expo India, Rajasthan Inventor’s Summit, Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas (PBD), Aero India, UP Investor Summit and G20 Summit, to name a few. Currently offering its rentals majorly to events, the company aspires to setup a complete rental model for all its services and extend them for the corporate sector as well. This way, it plans to offer rental services of laptops, desktops and other equipment pertaining to IT infrastructure for large enterprises in the days to come.