Logon Broadband: Reaching the Nooks & Corners of the Country to Fulfill their Internet Requirement

Chandan R. Singh,FounderAs human civilization is embracing the age of digitization predominantly, the internet services sector is witnessing a major upsurge by emerging as a flamboyant domain of the modern era. Valued at $33.8 billion in India only, the internet services sector of the country is expected to reach $76.4 billion by 2022. These promising figures and lucrative opportunities are compelling the private broadband players to excessively penetrate the thriving Indian internet market.

With a notion to serve the customers exclusively and assist them pragmatically to achieve their objectives of enjoying seam-less internet facilities, Logon Broadband was founded by Chandan R. Singh on 01st July 2011 which was registered as a company in 2015 as Wizbyte Networks Private Limited with a brand name of `Logon Broadband'. Growing exponentially since its inception, the company has been able to carve its prominent identity across the Indian ISP sector, often considered to be one of the biggest markets wherein many big as well as small players are involved.

Offering a distinctive set of services related to Broadband, IPTV, Internal Network Support, Leased Line, IP/SIP Phone, P2P/MPLS, Cloud Storage/Web
Hosting/VPN/VPS, Technical End-to-End support to ISP (24X7) and so on, Logon Broadband is not only acknowledged for high achievements in a limited time of 10 years, but also for being authorized, licensed, and ISP issued by DOT license CAT-B for Mumbai. The USP of the firm lies in its afford-able plan pricing, adherence to fair usage policy, and its consistency in delivering promised plans. With the lowest TAT of one hour for ticket resolution, the customized plans provided by the company are as per the user's needs and usages, where the other companies often fail to deliver. Apart from all the add-on benefits, assured uptime and seamless service is the major USP for Logon Broadband, because of which customers are retained as well as they refer others.

To make the Indian Internet market reach the remote areas of the country where still people are facing no connectivity or have to visit other urban areas for proper internet usage, Chandan R. Singh intends to reach the nooks & corners of the country to serve the customers and fulfill their internet requirements. "We have our optical fibre network within Mumbai, capacity ranging from 10 Gbps to 100 Gbps. We completely rely on optical line network; how-ever, we offer wireless network connectivity as well and users can enjoy or use this service over a Wi-Fi router, be it 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz technology which is being decided over and above the choice of customer' plan. All devices and technology used are only as per guidelines of the respective authorities," says Chandan R. Singh, Founder, Logon Broadband.

As an emerging ISP brand, Logon Broadband is aware of the unwanted issues or the challenges faced by the industry at the ground level, which include less technological knowledge, rigidity, rude behavior, and many more. Adhering to various rules/regulatory compliances/certifications such as ISP Cat B Licence and ISO Certification 9001:2015 & 27001:2013, Logon Broadband is also local government authority certified which is also a registered trademark of Wizbyte Networks. "We are the one who developed mobile live TV solutions five years back, which is now booming.

We have also successfully delivered Triple Play service with a good user experience and at a high success rate. In the future, we are planning to launch android TV on the go, i.e. mobile TV which will enable users to watch live channels on the go, unlike the OTT platform. Also, we are working with some of our partner ISPs to get peered with each other or get interconnected at a specific point so that we can lower the transit costs, improve the performance and deliver high-quality content to help users get rich and augmented experiences," concludes Chandan R. Singh.