Logic Fruit Technologies: Premier R & D Partner of Choice for Best-in-Class Engineering Solutions

Sanjeev Kumar & Anil Nikhra,Co-FoundersThe Indian Test & Measurement industry (T & M) has come a long way off. It’s not just test equipment versus test equipment anymore. The present disruption in the T & M field indicates the challenges to deliver new value and generate new revenue streams beyond the constraints of an existing operating model. And this has encouraged for a platform-centric business model that effectively integrates hardware, software analytics, and services.

Identifying this as one of the biggest opportunities brewing up in the T & M industry steered by technological developments, expansion in end-user applications and the growing need to validate the performance of equipment, Gurgaon headquartered Logic Fruit Technologies(LFT)plunged into the T & M space. “The tremendous proliferation gave a new light to our foresighted vision to render high-end design services & solutions in most complex challenges of the embedded industry, attract new markets in T & M industry and at the same time be a premier R & D partner of choice for best-in-class engineering solutions,” speaks Sanjeev Kumar, Co-Founder, Logic Fruit Technologies.
The journey of LFT dates back to the time when Sanjeev Kumar & Anil Nikhra, the two IIT graduates with cumulative experiences of over two decades in the fields of FPGA and HW design, product architecture, Hardware & software development, embedded design, noticed the core essentials for driving growth such as stringent quality, design & safety, environmental standards were not given much importance. Thus, having worked and being a major part of the vast T & M Industry for a quite a long time,the duo decided to start something and cope meet the best industry standards. Hence Logic Fruit came into existence.

With offices in India and US, LFT has emerged as one of the top technology innovators and a trusted partner for product engineering services

A Unique Blend of Process & Capabilities
Incorporated in 2009 with a small team of 5 members and been able to understand the kinds of requirements and instruments, LFT facilitates the designs with imbibing a lot of capabilities, well- processed plans and more. The company basically designs on two system model viz. - actual tech system and in-tech systems. Also, the tools imparted validates the systems well with 100 percent compatibility, but 70-75 percent of the making is vested in the conduct of final testing done by the customers set on board.
LFT designs and deploys embedded solutions for customers across the globe. Some of the key services offered by the company comprise of Digital System Design, FPGA Acceleration Design Services, Embedded Software Design & Development Services, DSP Algorithm Implementation, RTL Design & Development and verification and so on. Additionally, the products served include PCI Express, Video Centroid Calculator, Video Jitter Correction Board, High-Speed Camlink Video Capturing Board, Arbitrary Waveform, Video Capture & Archival Board, Processing Card and others.

Sanjeev mentions, “Our flexibility towards the evolving demands and aggressive timelines of customers has made out stand out in the crowd. Also, the innovation and latest technology input has not only given an edge to the clients business but also has motivated us to bring fresh new ideas.”

Quality Management – The Trademark
With offices in India and US, LFT has emerged as one of the top technology innovators and a trusted partner for product engineering services. The clients consist of Agilent, Key sight, Avago Technologies, Intel, NEC, and more across all industry verticals. Also, the company is ISO Standard Certified and DRDO certified. Determining quality management system as its trademark, Kumar concludes, “We are planning to explore advancements through FPGA acceleration on data centres for real-time data processing along with being committed to well-defined quality management system & designs.”