Listenlights: Leveraging Technology & Experience to Offer End-to-End Electrical Solutions

Kamlesh Shah,Managing Director

Kamlesh Shah, Managing Director

Having served the industry for 30 years, Mumbai-based Listenlights Pvt. Ltd. is one of the industrial pioneers that have time and again served its customer across India and abroad with quality electrical engineering & contracting services cloaked under complete security and sustainability. “We strive to be the change market wants to see and are continuously improving the services we have on offer,” states Kamlesh Shah, Managing Director, Listenlights.

Quality Focused Service
With its core values focused on excellence (always striving for the best), commitment (commitment to quality, honesty and hard work), integrity (deriving desired results while maintaining high standards), people (considers as its biggest asset) and continuous improvement (adapt based on trends through market
awareness). Listenlights has
executed HT switch yards works with voltages up to 33KV and has also installed them in heavy quantities as a part of its installation projects for pharmaceutical companies, sports stadiums, hotels and many more. The secured and turn-key solutions ensure maximum client satisfaction, reducing overhead costs and increasing the value addition.

"Based on the customer criteria, we work-out more than one option of schemes and explain the pros and cons of each scheme for the client to take a well informed and balanced decision"

On LT side, for instance, Listenlights executed a large scale project for clients such as UBS, Kharadi, Pune (1.2 lakh sq. ft.) and Northern Trust (2 Lakh sq. ft.) within a short span of three months - a rare feat within the industry. The solutions also comprise of the novel security system installations and data networking (facilitating inter-office LAN networking with UTP & Fibre Optics) services essential for industrial parks and commercial spaces that Listenlights caters to. The organization provides security management solutions delivering protection, versatility, cost-efficient people management and facility
operations through fire detection, suppression, and CCTV services.Kamlesh further elaborates, “Based on the customer criteria, we work out more than one option of schemes and explain the pros and cons of each scheme for the client to take a well informed and balanced decision”.

An Electrifying Growth
The progress of all these projects are tracked by the in-house cloud-based Daily Progress Report based on which the execution team coordinates with back office team and client’s team (consultant, PMC & other contractors) for further actionable insights. Other cloud-based platforms like the Project Management System ensure a seamless communication & accountability to the projects and yield better results. By blending technology and experience, Listenlights today is at frontier of the industry with 125 employees spread across Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai, witnessing an approximate turnover of Rs. 40 crore. “Our vision is to improvise on our services as per the industrial and technical requirement. That has helped us achieve credibility from Vodafone, Netmagic, UBS, Northern Trust, Uber, Here solutions, WeWork and many more. We aim to grow in quality and our customer experience,” concludes Kamlesh.