Lexcare: Paving the Way to Swift Success for Businesses by Simplifying Compliance

 Debashis Roy,    Director

Debashis Roy


The regulatory landscape is a very large space and is evolving rapidly. Ensuring compliance adherence on all counts during audit often poses a challenge to most organizations. Staying on top of compliance demands time and the efforts of a dedicated team of compliance professionals. For Lexcare, compliance is not just an audit mandate. Beyond the obligatory requirements, the company also sees it as an essential tool that can enhance a brand, build trust and improve productivity, and gaining a competitive edge.

Lexcare is committed to enabling organizations across industries to meet the quickly changing and complex compliance requirements for better audit preparation. The company comes with extensive domain and hands-on experience liaising with regulatory authorities all tied together with the modern tools to deliver a holistic and robust compliance management system.

As a business evolves and grows into new geographical territories, organizations will be needing customizable and easily scalable compliance solutions. Analytics enabling insights into the compliance operations, driven by AI, ML and NLP capabilities to deliver informed decisions is a big ask but something that Lexcare delivers. “We foresee that technology and automation in compliance efforts will assume increasingly high importance as the scope of regulatory challenges widens.” Debashis Roy, Director, Lexcare.

Lexcare’s motto is simple “Simplifying compliance”. They harness their intimate knowledge of technology, domain expertise, market intelligence and innovation to create
unparalleled value and customer satisfaction. As one of India’s leading comprehensive compliance services providers, Lexcare has made a name in the market by serving over 100 entities and 5000 users spanning 39 counties with solutions being built for 26 countries. With a comprehensive Legal and Compliance database which houses 1000+ legislations with over 1200 rules, their flagship Enterprise Compliance Management Solution seamlessly caters to an organization’s regulatory, industry specific, internal, and contractual compliance requirements. Lexcare also provides Contract Management and Litigation Management solutions to organizations.

Debashis Roy also adds, ‘Co-founders Amit Dwivedi and Mukesh Gadge, together, bring a prodigious grasp of product/software development, compliance management, and sales & marketing.’

Lexcare’s impeccable reputation comes from providing comprehensive compliance services backed by an innovation led compliance system that empowered organizations across various industries and segments

Lexcare’s impeccable reputation comes from providing comprehensive compliance services backed by an innovation driven compliance system that empowers organizations across various industries and segments. In 2022, the company was awarded at the Audit World, Summit & Awards in the category of “Excellence in Compliance Audit”. In the last 12 months, Lexcare has been continually enabling customers to build their compliance programs, automate their compliance processes, and experience functionalities such as auto updation of regulatory changes, auto-generation of compliance certificates, tech enabled whistle blower function, and full-scale, comprehensive compliance checklist portal.

One of the foremost things that Lexcare does is to map a customized compliance matrix against the client’s organogram ensuring that nothing goes amiss. To achieve that goal, there is a system of alerts and reminders with an auto escalation feature. There are also role based access control, document repository and one click reports at the clients’ disposal to assist them right from initiation to audit. It is ensured that the benefits focus is interwoven with their engagement approach.Their compliance processes provide a competitive technological advantage, centered on customers and users, thereby delivering improved compliance outcomes.

In the future, Lexcare will delve deeper into enhancements and integrations to augment such environments using real time compliance solutions across multiple channels, easy access to anytime anywhere compliance statuses, realtime compliance assessments, Zero-UI enablement, and seamless integrations with collaboration tools.