Leora Logistics: Eliminating Supply Chain Constraints with Value Added Services

 Vishal Singh,   Business Head

Vishal Singh

Business Head

The supply chain industry in India is undergoing an evolution influenced by factors such as e-commerce expansion, increased manufacturing activities, and government initiatives. Adoption of new technologies like blockchain and IoT is enhancing transparency and traceability, reducing operational costs. However, as the consumer market expands, businesses are looking to optimize logistics, warehousing, and distribution networks to meet the rising demand. In the procurement phase, they face challenges related to ensuring the efficiency and streamlining the processes. On the other end, they have to overcome hurdles caused by inadequate infra-structure, geographical challenges and logistic limitations. These gaps are hindering the smooth flow of products throughout the supply chain.

Leora Logistics helps businesses fill these gaps in their supply chain, right from procurement of products to distribution. With 25 years of experience in cold chain logistics and warehousing, it offers a wide range of services in distribution, warehousing and supply chain management. It also provides support services for regulatory compliance and market entry. The company has over 45,000 retailers in its network. It offers a combination of industry experience and personalized services that provide supports in planning, execution and well-defined logistics strategies to solve the complexities of the supply chain in India. An adept understanding of the market acts as a market differentiator for the company. The usage of advanced technology also plays a vital role in its growth because it is equipped
with its own WMS (Warehouse Management System), which is customizable based on the client’s requirements.

Personalized Services

Catering primarily to the pharmaceutical industry, Leora Logistics has also extended its services to sectors like FMCG and Petroleum. Vishal Singh heading the business is having over 20 years of experience in Finance and Supply Chain who had led the companies just after the implementation of GST in India in consolidation of warehouses reengineering the supply chain of leading companies in healthcare industries mentioned that there are more than 95000 pin codes in India, and the country's armed forces control a considerable portion of that. Logistical and warehousing planning is complicated in these areas and requires understanding guidelines and regulatory compliances. Being operational for more than two decades, the company is abreast of all kinds of compliances and guidelines, thus having a competitive edge over the other service providers in the market.

Catering primarily to the pharmaceutical industry, Leora Logistics has also extended its services to sectors like FMCG & Petroleum

Vishal further emphasized that for foreign companies who want to establish their offices in India, Leora Logistics offers market understanding and vendor management systems. It acts as a holistic solution provider for all cold chain logistics and warehousing needs. “For businesses who want to open offices in India, we provide consultation regarding the market structure and help them with all possible licensing procedures and regulatory clearances. We undertake operations from the moment of import and oversee processes until products reach vendors", shares Vishal. Currently, the company handles logistical and warehousing operations for 29 corporations, most of which are businesses from other countries. The company is associated with some of the big names in the pharmaceutical and petroleum products sector in India. Leora Logistic also works on a 'BTS' (build to suite) model and builds warehouses for specific company as per their need and location.

Looking Ahead

Starting with an office in Delhi, the company now holds several offices in Haryana, Delhi, Karnataka, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Ghaziabad and Kanpur. Speaking about the road ahead for the company, Vishal concludes, “We are observing several discrepancies in the case of last-mile logistics and would like to expand our services in that segment. We are working on processes to improve on this aspect and will have specialized services soon”.