Lemonmint Creative Ads Pvt Ltd: Building The Future Of Branding And Digital Advertising

Praveen James Samuel,CEOShifts in digital behaviour were bound to happen as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. However, some hard-to-ignore, lasting upward shifts may have changed the online habits heading into 2021. Branding and advertising in 2021 will require a focus on efficiency and effectiveness. This is where creative optimization and the concept of automatic ad optimization come into play. Nobody wants to spend hours fiddling with preferences on an advertising campaign, especially when platforms can do all the hard work for you!

Lemonmint Creative Ads Pvt Ltd blends technology with creativity and lends the business growth in digital space and time. “We at Lemonmint Creative Ads believe in collaborative branding and advertising. We prefer positive and enduring relationships between our clients and the company and so we love to treat you as our company's partner. Trends are changing by the second these days, and our tastes are changing with them. As a result, we closely monitor the feedback process loop.” explained Praveen James Samuel, CEO, Lemonmint Creative Ads Private Ltd.

Different Branding Services For Different Clients
In a creative field, the innovative team always relies on the designers and looks only at the creative side, whereas the business client who approaches a branding company looks at the business side and its growth; Lemonmint Creative Ads is working to bridge
this market gap. To do so, the company has developed an in-house concept called DBR (Detail Brand Analysis).

DBR is a detailed plan analysis for the initial pitching. During this process, the company analyses the brand and prepares reports on market gaps, how the brand's position is lacking, who their competitors are, and so on. Lemonmint recommends a solution that helps a business thrive in the market after analysing all aspects of the brand. “Our primary focus is to satisfy the client by meeting their marketing needs on time and in a way that contributes and develops their business. “added Praveen.

Moreover, Lemonmint Creative Ads Pvt Ltd, as a digital branding company, works with three types of clients. First, there are clients who have been in business for 10 or 20 years. These clients are already established in their industry but want to take their company to the next level. Lemonmint provides rebranding services to these clients, allowing them to revitalize their brand ecosystem. The subsequent category of clients is those who are new in the market. The company develops new branding strategies for them to help them gain market recognition.

Lemonmint creative ads is working to bridge this market gap. To do so, the company has developed an in-house concept called DBR (detail brand analysis)

Finally, there is the third category, which is marketing. This service is for clients who are already in the market but lack a marketing team. Lemonmint assists them in conducting market and customer analysis in those areas. “Change is something we welcome and plan for. Our communications rely heavily on prompt responses. We deliver creative media plans on a weekly or monthly basis, with a preference for a shorter timeframe. Great branding strategies require close alignment with the sales department of the client “stated Praveen.

Established in the year 2013, Lemonmint Creative Ads started their business by supporting automotive clients then, after years of development, moved to the healthcare and fashion industry. Today the company has 300+ clientele from the middle east, Canada, the US, and India. Even during the pandemic, the company benefited greatly because the market was unstable, so clients approached Lemonmimt to re-energize their brand. Not only that, but the company is also collaborating with government projects to create biodegradable plates, India's first fully eatable plate. It is being developed by the CSIR and the Indian government and will be unveiled by the Prime Minister in April 2021.