Leelajay Technologies: Deploying Cutting-Edge Cloud Platform Solutions to Enable Digital Transformation

Ajay Chaudhary, Founder & CEO,Vikash Kumar,  VP - Sales & Marketing

Ajay Chaudhary, Founder & CEO

Vikash Kumar, VP - Sales & Marketing

Development in the cloud computing industry moves at a rapid pace which means it can be maddening to follow and impossible to predict. According to industry research, the IT managed services sector will increase by more than 50 percent over the next five years. Leelajay Technologies, headquartered in Noida, is an enterprise learning solution and technology consulting Service Company, which deals in IT services, support and consulting organization providing profitable and exclusive solutions to its clients worldwide. The company helps clients to achieve their business objective by providing innovative, easy, and costeffective solutions and services. Leelajay has enriched and served the global audience by delivering superior returns to its shareholders.

“We are initiated by a group of professionals to provide total solutions using the worldclass technologies to those who can envision, innovate and reinvent themselves ever so often. We are integrated with young minds and innovative ideas which have the ability to deliver mission critical information to clients as fast as possible and at lower cost keeping abreast with the technologies”, explained Ajay Chaudhary, Founder & CEO, Leelajay Technologies.

Easy and User Friendly Services and Solutions
85 percent of enterprises have become multi clouded. With quicker provisioning and on-the fly adaptability one can adjust IT assets to the business needs of now and be prepared for what comes later. As a managed cloud service provider Leelajay can significantly rearrange ones’ progress to the cloud and change the way in which they can expend and pay for IT services. The company
realizes that guaranteed cloud conditions are nimble, stable, and versatile. Whether the client is using Leelajay’s Hosted Private Cloud(HPC)or Managed AWS offering, they can be rest assured to get better management of their intricate cloud setting to develop overall spend, amplify usage and influence enterprise level support. It can fabricate flexibility crosswise over cloud-based creation and recuperation systems. Also, Leelajay adjusts a Hybrid IT setting by using the most recent advances in the cloud to support the changing requirements and requests of the business. Leelajay technologies work with the client to evaluate their needs and prescribes the correct cloud settings for their particular systems and remaining tasks at hand.

Leelajay brings in years of experience and expertise to each client engagement to help companies navigate their specific business situation

Moreover, Leelajay has a completeselection of technology, applications, and business skills training. For over 10 years, Leelajay Technologies has provided innovative learning solutions that have transformed businesses and helped millions of students to advance their career goals. Additionally, Leelajay Technologies provides a high-quality, costeffective learning or meeting environment for a meeting space or renting a computer training facility. The company’s classroom and meeting facilities provide flexible options for technical training, non-technical training, meetings and conference rooms. Leelajay also takes away the stress of dealing with technology by assigning technical staff to support the client with set up and configuration.

Vikash Kumar, VP- Sales & Marketing

Leelajay brings in years of experience and expertise to each client engagement to help companies navigate their specific business situation. The company’s capabilities include strategic planning, digital & operating model challenges, business architecture development, IT sourcing & procurement, IT organization & governance and IT metrics & dashboards. More so, Leelajay focuses first on the strategic needs of the clients’ businesses to determine the technology capabilities needed to support their long term goals. The company helps organizations to address technology related decisions and ensure their IT organizations and operating models are agile & effective.