Lease Tech: Saving Huge Cost to Companies with IT Infrastructure Lease and Rent

Manjunath H V,DirectorThere is continuous growth along with uncertainty in businesses across the globe. A business is most of the times ambiguous of the contract tenure with clients and the COVID-19 pandemic has made things in the corporate quite dicey and challenging. The attrition of employees in a company is also a concern and businesses are in need of IT infrastructure and software rental providers to provide them with laptops, software, and more. This is being done contrary to buying the required IT hardware and software to reduce the cost to the company in bulk and keep losses at bay in case there is a dip in the need for the same. The huge growth in the IT equipment rental providers has followed the same and a few of the companies in the arena are topping the charts in terms of customer satisfaction and services. Lease Tech is one of the most well-renowned IT rental and leasing companies that offers top-notch services to clients, aligned with their diverse needs.

"Companies suffer from hardware compatibility issues. Moreover, technology is evolving every day, and procuring new solutions has become a costly affair for the company. In a few months, the technology gets outdated the company needs to invest again. We help the company to combat such situations and losses,"says Manjunath H V, Director

Cutting Edge Offerings
Lease Tech is a division of Madhu Infotech
Private Limited, an IT rental & leasing company.It has the proven potential of offering huge quantities and unmatched quality IT equipment that includes both hardware and software to businesses on both short and long term basis with no fixed contract tenure.

The IT equipment offered includes Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Computer Sets, & other gadgets such as television, projector, printers, routers and more. In addition to its wide range of offerings, it specializes in Intel servers, Mac products, and laptops. Lease Tech has partnered with premium companies such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, and several others to offer the equipment to its clients. It keeps a large number of stocks of the latest and advanced equipment which encompass 99 percent of its stocks and offers its services to customers at an affordable price and at the shortest turn-around time.

Lease Tech offers up-to-date technology to more than 2000 clients PAN India

"We are a preferred partner for big players, event management companies, training programs in the market owing to our efficient and seamless and the unparalleled services we provide", says Manjunath H V, Director, Lease Tech.

Embracing Innovation- The Key to Success
A 22-year old company, Lease Tech doesn't offer any technology to its clients that are older than three years. It makes sure to offer every thing the client demands and in case it doesn't have the technology in stock, it procures and give it and keeps clients satisfied with no stone unturned. "Any customer that asks for technology that is older than three years aren't entertained by us as we know they don't perform. We make sure that they are aware of the latest innovation and try to help them to adopt the same", he adds.

Lease Tech offers up-to-date technology to more than 2000 clients PAN India. To manage the huge client base, it works with an ERP system of its own that helps its experienced team of professionals to keep track of end-to-end activities including installation, repair, or replacement needs of customers. It stands out more with its reliable and fast customer support and services in time of any emergency need. Lease Tech is endeavoring to automate the service calls and set a benchmark in the rental industry.

"Along with the equipment ofered, we also station an engineer at the client's location who can cater to the client immediately in case of a breakdown", he concludes.