Laptop Store: Simplifying Laptop Sales & Services through Customer-Centric Approach

Rajkumar Jayavel,   OwnerIt may sound surprising to many that first-ever portable laptop was invented by Osborne Computers followed by IBM in 1980s with features ahead of its time. From its humble beginnings, modern laptops have come a long way and empowered humans with mobile computing technology. The dawn of this incredible product-based technology requires tech-experts specialized in servicing of these intelligent machines. One amongst well-informed technocrats is Rajkumar Jayavel (Owner) who established Laptop Store (initially named Itel Computer) in 2007 to offer full-fledged sales and services for world-class laptops and computers.

Headquartered in Chennai with branches spanning Pune, Mumbai and Hyderabad, Laptop Store is an authorized and certified partner for HP, Dell, Acer and Lenevo, and offers exclusive laptops at its 17 branches across India. Owning two exclusive Dell showrooms and four multi-brand showrooms, the leading store outshines the competitive ambit by providing chip level service to its customers
at all its service centers. Rajkumar adds, “We have modern facilities in service center withhighly experienced & skilled engineers for chip-level repairing of all brand laptops. We work together with our customers for success”. This approach in action not only helps customer save volumes of money but also reflects Laptop Store’s customer-oriented, cost-effective outlook.

"We have modern facilities in service center with highly experienced & skilled engineers for chip-level repairing of all brand laptops"

Serving Excellence
On the sales & services panel, Laptop Store provides laptops, laptop repair and services, computer repair and services, data recovery, laptop AMCs, computer AMCs and corporate deals such as laptop and desktop contracts. Besides, customers get the advantage of online service booking at the store’s online portal. Post booking, the team picks up the laptop from desired location and resolves the issue inside-out while simultaneously offering customers the option of tracking laptop online.

Explicating on the challenges, Rajkumar asserts, “Customers ask for immediate services with immediate price quote. However without scanning the issue thoroughly, it becomes difficult to quote a price and address the query”. In such moments, Laptop Store’s ace team comes in action, addresses each query diligently by
understanding the issue to its core and informs customers about its solutions. Also, the team advices each laptop user to undertake quality measures to avoid hard disk crashes and laptop over heating.

Planned Future with Profitable Prospects
Owning presence in five cities with 100+ service units, Laptop Store is equipped with sourcing power and trained engineers, and leaves no stones unturned in importing products from international countries (like Hong Kong, China and Singapore) to resolve customer issues optimally. Besides, the company owns customized software that simplifies servicing procedure and guides customers to avail services online, without any hurdle.

Initially when Laptop Store started, Rajkumar recalls recording revenue scale of Rs.20 lakh annually. Presently, however, the company successfully graphs an annual turnover of Rs.15 crore with sales of over 4000 laptops monthly. Addressing this skyrocketing success, Rajkumar has plans streamlined for providing franchises in several cities and international countries, and envisages reaching the milestone of Rs.100 crore in future endeavours. He quotes, "Our mission is to achieve consistent identity in the deliverance of highly qualified services and adding values to the clients through pro-activity, transparency in communication and on-time deliverance of products through excellent performance. In addition, we are entering into the Mobile Service Industry across India with an intention to give highest quality services and benefit of time & money to our esteemed customers".