KWS Middle East: A Complete Guide for Aspiring Entrepreneurs to Set-Up Business

Aqsa Abdullah,CEO & Co-Founder

Aqsa Abdullah

CEO & Co-Founder

Responsibilities of today's marketers have grown in reach in the recent years. Several entities promote the continued development of entrepreneurs and companies. As the entrepreneurs emerge, the consultancy industry is making significant profit and is the chief beneficiary of this trend. KWS Middle East is one of the leading and reputable organizations providing comprehensive company formation solutions to entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized companies, and international firms seeking to set up their business in the UAE. Headquartered in Dubai, KWS aims to make life easier for businesses. The company offers a one-stop solution to customers that ensures all of their business setup and PRO related issues are addressed within one-roof.

KWS aims to guide the clients with better facilities, starting right from incorporation to product/trademark registration, and licensing to the establishment of their office space, and setting up corporate bank accounts. The organization also offers demand generation services with expert advice and incubation, resulting in testing the waters and establishing a brand persona in the UAE market.

"We reduce the time involved in setting up business procedures, while also increasing the availability of opportunities and profit for our clients," says Aqsa Abdullah, Co-Founder & CEO, KWS Middle East. The organization
builds a sense of faith in the clients by listening to their needs and upholding the commitments to create a close relationship with them.

Having successfully served customers for more than ten years, KWS has established itself as one of the leading business-based `solutions' providers in the UAE. The company has long proven its expertise in delivering creative and effective business strategies that promise value addition for customers. It also equips clients with the necessary tools to support, develop, and grow their business en route to the future. Additionally, KWS delivers niche professional assistance that requires subject matter expertise such as cosmetic & perfume registration, VAT & bank account opening, pharmaceutical & medical equipment registration, HR consultancy, and Legal Assistance in UAE.

A Bunch of Experienced Professionals
The organization's team consists of well-qualified and experienced professionals, who work together to facilitate the clients with new business avenues and eliminate the complexity of company formation. The entire team hails from different parts of the world. The professionals of KWS are not the only specialists in setting up pure firms, but also are experts in setting up complex businesses, seeking more in-depth experience, and up-to-date information & knowledge, and prioritizing customer satisfaction. The organization comprise a well-trained workforce, as the company offers coaching to improve their skills and empowers them to provide clients with quality services. As a team, the company empowers entrepreneurs and educates them.

"Initially, I had been subjected to the usual stereotyping that any woman has to face, but it comes as no surprise that a woman can also succeed in the business field," says Aqsa. KWS continues to offer quick and trouble-free services within the pre-defined timetable that removes the client's burden, while offering full transparency in terms of costs, deadlines, and documentation procedures. Going forward, KWS has expansion plans, and long-term ambitions, but is focused on each and every step forward, believing in the fact that the real entrepreneurs follow their instincts.