KulDew Technologies: Connecting the Dots in the Entire Car Rental Ecosystem

Bhaskar Dewal and Vikas Kulkarni,Co-FoundersThe global car rental market is booming with growth opportunities popping up from the tourism sector, the rise in the urban population, the growing economy and the increase in disposable income. The major influence on the sector is the increased use of information technology, making tasks such as bookings and reservations so much easier, safer and efficient.

KulDew Technologies, headquartered in Mumbai, offers a Car rental Cloud designed for Fleet owners, Drivers, Travel Agents and Customers to revolutionize entire car rental Ecosystem. It helps the entire car rental ecosystem to grow business with the capability to build their brand. KulDew connects the entire car rental ecosystem through KulDew Cloud and create equal opportunities for everyone to grow; irrespective of one being a single car owner, fleet owner or a travel agent. Additionally, KulDew Partners can also manage their fleet and drivers through KulDew Cloud which offers functions like Personal Bookings, Invoicing, Messaging and paperless operation. “It is a complete app-based solution which partners can access from anywhere to manage the entire business. We offer business growth to our partners by connecting the EcoSystem across
geographies and Power of Choice. Our apps are user-friendly and need minimum tech skills. We have several partners using this system without training”, said Bhaskar Dewal and Vikas Kulkarni Co-Founders, KulDew Technologies.

Effortless Car Rental Process
Automating some thing like car bookings can result in disastrous feedbacks from users in situations where bookings are overlapped or availability is scarce. Being a smart booking engine, KulDew maintains car inventory automatically and ensures no booking overlaps. While registering, the car partner has to upload all the car documents so that the system can automatically send reminders if any car document is expiring such as insurance, permits, etc. It also helps to maintain driver information with their mobile numbers as well as driving license. In case of scenarios where the document has expired, the application does not allow any booking for that car, giving safety first priority. More so, there are a lot of challenges that come up with operating the large fleets of automobiles.

KulDew is a Car rental Cloud designed for Fleet owners, Drivers, Travel Agents and Customers to revolutionize entire car rental ecosystem

Car or Fleet owners have a limited option to grow their business in the current market scenario but not anymore. KulDew will connect all registered car owners with thousands of travel agents across India as well as globally to get new business. Car owner chooses the desired price to be offered, which is shown to travel agents and customers. Once user has registered as Travel agent on KulDew platform, he gets access to the car inventory network across India. KulDew helps Travel Agents to provide rental cars to their customers across any city in India with various payment options.

More so, KulDew has more than 1000 plus registered partners across 60 cities in India. Using KulDew Cloud, many travel agents have expanded their businesses to multiple cities. Similarly, KulDew booking engine has helped several car owners to grow their business by connecting with travel agents across India and increase their customer loyalty by providing tech-enabled services. Having been recognized by DIPP Government of India as Startup Company, the primary aim of KulDew Technologies is to empower each and every stakeholder, to join the mainstream travel business thereby connecting the travel world.