Knowledge Splice Services: Promising Instant & Confirmed Deals to All Business Houses

Sony Rahman,  Founder & CEO

Sony Rahman

Founder & CEO

The 2007-2008 subprime mortgage crisis was the crucible for the creation of Knowledge Splice Services. The recession forced many title and settlement companies to exit the industry, which created a vacuum with regards to organic creation of human resources in the industry. Post 2008, the opportunity emerged for creating resources for the Title Industry. Knowledge Splice was created in early 2011 to service this niche opportunity, which enabled it to proficiently manage the end-to-end back-end business processes in the title & settlement space of US mortgage banking sector.

Soni Rahman incepted the company in 2011 as a follow-up to his first venture that he exited in early 2011 which was a JV with a US Title company which went under as part of the 2007-08 subprime mortgage mess. He went on to define the best industry practices for the offshoring of business for this niche market. As part of this strategy, he put together how he was going to keep the big boys of the industry at bay. What he did was take a very high fixed cost and bring it to a low variable cost, where all pricing is on a per transaction pricing model as opposed to a per FTE/month charge. This is an absolute anathema to the big boys of the industry who want to charge a fixed cost permonth.

Knowledge Splice delivers an end-to-end solution for the industry, where each discrete
piece of the process, as part of the continuum of services is delivered from six locations in India and one office in the US, and another one to be opened shortly in US.

The small title companies who have never outsourced their inhouse operations are often hesitant to hand over such critical processes to a firm that's 10000 km away. Hence unlike most corporate giants that rely on a pre-secured contract, Knowledge Splice offers its services without any contract, thus giving the customer a taste of trying a new delivery method with the long cumbersome contracts and continue if they found true value in the service. Thanks to this exceptional customer delight model that ensures guaranteed SLAs, Knowledge Splice has emerged into one of the fastest growing KPO companies in India, catering to over 70 clients in US.

Unlike most corporate giants that rely on a presecured contract, Knowledge Splice offers its services without any contract, thus giving the customer a taste of trying a new delivery method

Based on the six sigma principles, the company has divided the business processes into QC for critical quality parameters(fatal for the products in case of errors)and QC for noncritical parameters. While most KPOs do random QCs up to 25 percent, Knowledge Splice maintains a contingent QC stat covering all the parameters, including the ones for the easiest process.

Building Competent Workforce
Knowledge Splice functions more as a KPO company than a BPO, where 10 percent of the operations include caller services while the rest 90 percent comprises research work & process. Hence, it vests importance in organically creating competencies and has started operations in the tier-II & III cities where employee retention is better. Recently, it has gone live in eastern India and is anticipating a strong growth.

With its strong current valuation, Knowledge Splice is experiencing a steady annual growth of 25 percent. Soni concludes,"We are investing a lot of profit in hiring and training people, and that is our silver bullet in maintaining the service quality". In the next two years, he is planning to launch a techfirm in the mortgage banking space and create one more KPO company to cater to another sub vertical within the mortgage banking domain.