Kifayati: Offering High-Quality, Authentic & Branded Refurbished Products at Unbeatable Prices

The refurbished sector in India has been witnessing a booming growth in relation to the smartphone category from the last few years. The products with ample discount and nearly brand new standards are becoming an eye-catcher to the gadget-addicted population of India. With such demand and growth, the market is anticipated to reach $15 billion by the year 2020. Space which was largely driven by unorganized local retailers is getting taken up by organized players slowly and steadily. And what separates the two business models is the latter’s ability to completely transform the product and give it a complete ‘new’ look and feel. Many firms today have their firm fingers on this sector and aim at standardising and augmenting the pre-owned electronic devices market, however, most of them focus only on making a profit. Kifayati, a New Delhi-based refurbishment company, stands apart from its peers, being a quality focused organization offering quality products in the first place. “We want our customers to feel happy for what they purchase from us and we want our products to be the best in terms of quality in the whole market,” states Akhilesh Jha, CEO, Kifayati.

Cost-Effective Quality Products

Kifayati is a top-tier unboxed, open-box, pre-owned and refurbished electronics goods seller and an exceptional re-Commerce venture. Parading a pantheon of top-performing mobile brands, the company has become a preferred seller delivering kifayati (cost-effective) products in mint condition, truly justifying its brand name. The organization has a profitable model for recycling electronics goods, where it procures the used/unused devices, perform servicing & repairing (if needed) and convert it as new for re-use.
Akhilesh Jha,CEO

Kifayati is headstrong in using the opportunity to its best and making it more organized by rendering dedicated services across channels PAN India

The company majorly deals with mobile phone segment and offers a range of devices including the bar-type mobile phones (Keypad phones which were very popular a decade ago) to the high-end devices of the current era. Founded in 2010 with an aspiration to be the biggest online shopping store in India, Kifayati turned into one of India’s foremost shopping portal in a short span of time.

Over a crore smartphones are sold every month in India and the replacement cycles have reduced to less than a year giving a high growth opportunity to the refurbished sector that is mostly unorganized. Kifayati is headstrong in using the opportunity to its best and making it more organized by rendering dedicated services across channels PAN India.
To do so, the organization has partnered with various empanelled authorized outlets to source used devices and also procures directly from customers & product exchange offers. The company then works on the device and sells it via online & offline channels. It ensures quality by adapting a stringent quality check methodology, where every mobile goes through a 47-point comprehensive check by engineers before its ready for sale.

Kifayati also provides a one month & a six months warranty offer to its products. The organization is also going to launch a full one-year warranty in couple of months. Apart from this, Kifayati is also planning to launch warranty services for the products that customers haven’t purchased from Kifayati’s website. Customers don’t like to purchase a product without a box, hence to supplement that, Kifayati is in pipeline to launch a new brand named ‘Reloved Gadgets’, under which it will provide refurbished products with its custom made boxes.

Witnessing the revenue jump of nearly three-fold for the last year, Kifayati is currently expecting a four-fold increase this year and is working on strengthening its support services along with building a network to provide an infrastructure for the retailers while making the refurbished market an organized sector. Kifayati is soon starting its franchisee to retailers in Delhi-NCR for old phone collection and refurbished phone selling in next few months.