Kenprimo: Research-Based Customized Strategies To Transform Businesses Into Brands

Noushad M K,Founder & CEO

Noushad M K

Founder & CEO

The exponential growth of digital marketing has changed how businesses communicate with their clients. It also has a direct impact on the profit reaped by a company. It has thus become a need for companies to adopt digital marketing strategies to sustain themselves in the market and become successful. Companies that solely focus on their business strategy and fail to adopt marketing and branding strategies often wind up limiting their growth.

KENPRIMO, headquartered in Kochi is an example of a digital marketing agency that understands the importance of `focused' marketing and branding strategies. The company comprises a team of creative graphic designers, illustrators, tech-savvy developers, sharp marketers and intelligent SEOs working together to create amazing brands and making sure the world sees them.

"We're an independently owned, strategically creative agency ­ forever curious and ready to transform the way business is done," says Noushad M K, Founder and CEO of KENPRIMO. With the help of its skilled professionals, the company creates highly differentiated brands that stand out in the market and are positioned for success. The company does this through an objective and collaborative approach by placing its client's voices at the centre. Since its genesis, the company has completed 1,150+ Projects and boasts of 16000+ `happy' users. Establishing a company's online presence and meeting its business objectives is a goal that keeps them motivated.

Customer-Centric, Transparent Approach
The company's business is divided broadly into three sections. First, the brand team, which solves customers' brand problems by putting care at the heart of their business, and doing it systematically. The team of experts in the brand team blends strategy, design and technology to co-create brands that are both brilliant and beautiful. The team helps clients with Brand Strategy, Brand Design and Copywriting, Brand Positioning, Rebranding, Brand Marketing, Brand Management and Reputation Management. "Our brand strategies, identities and packaging will help you win and stand out from the competition," adds Noushad.
Second, the Digital team, which comprises software engineers and experienced web developers. The company has helped countless clients draw actionable digital roadmaps, launch new websites, and create the apps and experiences that help them compete and win. Through its digital team, KENPRIMO offers services such as Web Design and Development, Responsive Websites, E-Commerce Website Design, Mobile Apps Development, Custom Web Application, Domain Registration and Hosting and Artificial Intelligence.

Third, the marketing team, who leverages its digital experience, analytics expertise, and creative talent to build marketing strategies that deliver exceptional results. Services such as Marketing Strategy, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Google Advertising, Social Media Advertising, Email Marketing, Automation and Content Marketing are delivered by the marketing experts at KENPRIMO. The company also has a separate R&D unit that keeps a watch on the latest marketing trends in the market. Since the marketing landscape is ever-evolving, the R&D team at KENPRIMO keeps a close watch to ensure every new development becomes a strategy.

The company not only offers services but conducts research, competitor analysis for its clients so a well `focused' sustainable strategy can be offered. "We bring strategy, expertise, and execution to the areas that you need it most," adds Noushad. The team at KENPRIMO follows a 5-step approach that includes Research, Plan, Implement, Measure and Optimize to ensure every success for all its clients. From project specifications to software architecture design, UI/UX coding, testing and validation to product maintenance and support, the company can handle it all in any combination.

Over the years, i have found out that, you have to be passionate about what you do in order to be successful at it over long periods of time

Over A Decade Of Experience
The beginning of KENPRIMO dates back to 2008 and since then, the company has combined data insights with design thinking to build strategies and experiences that transform businesses. Depending on specific requirements, the team of experts will take clients through each phase of solution development, providing sound advice on technology and application design options. Shanil, who leveraged KENPRIMO's services said, "KENPRIMO's digital marketing services are remarkable. We have worked with them for almost five years on many projects including PPC, SEO, Social Media, Website programs, lead nurture, and more. I could not be more impressed with their professionalism, teamwork, communication, and results. Kenprimo has consistently provided our team with the support that has driven results that is about what I can ask for from a digital marketing partner. From developing marketing strategies to planning, execution, monitoring, and execution, they keep everything professional from start to the end. Their SEO and PPC work on our behalf has translated into meaningful visibility and lead generation. I look forward to working with Kenprimo for a long time.

Leading giants from varied industries such as Porche, LG, Alizz Bank in Oman, Saj Hotels & Resorts, Ettutharayil Grop, ASTS Global and many more have utilized the top-notch services provided by KENPRIMO. The team at KENPRIMO is currently working on building an AI-based analytic tool that will help them measure the impact of its services on a client's business. It is also building a `smart' platform so every business owner is aware of his/her company's websites traffic generation, engagement and conversion rate. "The plan is to build a website that also does sales on its own. We fully understand brands and constantly re-adjust our moves to deliver better results," Noushad concludes.