JREW Engineering: A Holistic Approach on Material Handling Equipment Manufacturing

Rohit Grover,Managing Director

Rohit Grover

Managing Director

Material handling equipment is important for each and every industry. Almost all the industries use material handling equipment at least once during their operations. When it comes to material handling equipment, the reliability of the equipment is key to ensure that you don't face any issues which may cause a delay in your production. The increasing demand and advancements in technology pushed material handling equipment manufacturers to increase the quality and reliability of their products. One company who has made it their motto to deliver industry leading products to their clients is JREW Engineering Limited. Founded in 1973, the company headed by Chairman cum Managing Director Shri Ram Ratan Agarwal, JREW Engineering started as a bright bar manufacturer catering to OEM's for tractors. With their ethical and professional working, JREW Engineering started attracting new customers and entered into the manufacturing of fabricated and machined components for earth moving machines, material handling equipment, agricultural implements and railway parts.

The company's utmost passion for being the top player in the Indian material handling equipment industry helped JREW Engineering to expand to various verticals along with increasing the number of products they offer. "We manufacture front axle, cross rails, mast assemblies and precision-machined export components in the OEM category. Products like special steel high tensile profiles, forks and lifting hooks from 1 ton to 25 ton capacity falls under the category of non-OEM products. We have also developed close to
35 different types of attachments for construction, material handling and mining equipments. We have launched an electric stacker with the brand name of Stakon in which we are manufacturing semi-electric and fully electric stackers for manufacturing and warehousing sectors", says Rohit Grover, Managing Director, JREW Engineering.

Being in a highly competitive market, JREW Engineering had to face certain challenges which slowed down the pace of their growth in the beginning. "In our early days, it was difficult to retain skilled manpower, grab new market opportunities and maintain production and quality standards as per the demand of our customers. To mitigate these challenges, we have taken some initiatives like profit sharing bonus to all that had helped JREW to retain the talent. With the adoption of newer technologies in production and engineering, we have been able to achieve productivity and quality of our products that have built confidence in the minds of our customers. Another important aspect which helped us to stay strong during the difficult times is our 5 core values which are defined by `I CARE' which stands for integrity, commitment, aspiration, responsibility and environment respectively. This helped us to gain new business opportunities from our existing customers as well as generate new customers by word of mouth", says Rohit.

With the adoption of newer technologies in production and engineering, JREW Engineering has been able to achieve productivity and quality of our products that have built confidence in the minds of our customers.

The innovative measures taken by the company to overcome the challenges along with the importance they gave to their values, helped JREW Engineering to create a niche for them in the market. In an industry where companies generally concentrate on any one of fabrication, machining, assembling or painting JREW set themselves apart by being an expert in all of these. With their USP being `work hand in hand' with their customers, JREW Engineering has managed to develop bespoke products for their clients. This customer friendly approach allowed the company to acquire clients like Caterpillar, Volvo, Godrej and Mahindra to name a few.

With 2 manufacturing plants in Mohali and Faridabad, JREW Engineering has been exporting various precision components to Multinational companies in developed countries of Europe and South America for the last nine years with zero delivery failure. This has made the company planning for advancements in European and Japanese markets with talks being held with potential partners. The company is also planning to put up a dedicated manufacturing line for electric stacker by adding different variants as per market requirements.