Johncey George: Unlocking Introvert Potential

Johncey George,Leadership Coach

Johncey George

Leadership Coach

Are leaders born or made? Research and industry practices suggest that leadership is learned and acquired. While that may be true for the most part, modern studies indicate that leadership is at its best when it combines both intrinsic values and extrinsic conditioning. Simply stated- you can create magic when leaders build on their value system and work consciously towards the challenges of the current work environment. And yet, in the journey always lead a purposeful life. This is the core coaching philosophy At Coach Johncey.

Established in 2019, Johncey George Consulting Pvt Ltd, was founded and is spearheaded by Johncey George under the brand Coach Johnecy, who is an Executive Leadership and Life Coach and an Associate Certified Coach with International Coaching Federation (ICF - ACC). Johncey says, "We believe that behavior is driven by an individual's value, purpose and conditioning. When leaders understand their core values and have the tools and techniques required to align their thinking, leadership actions become transformational."

Coach Johncey specializes in coaching Introverts and is India's first Leadership Coach for Introverts. An introvert himself, he realized early on that introverts are quiet by nature, reserved. In a world of extroverts, introverts often feel challenged - especially when networking, speaking up in meetings, with assertive communication etc. They are often seen as having limited leader-ship potential. Elucidating about this, Johncey adds, "Actually, Introverts are drawing energy while being quiet, they are deep thinkers and prefer to have smaller friend circle, and much deeper relationships. They have the required emotional intelligence to inspire a diverse workforce and influence positive business
outcomes. Organizations need to build on these strengths".

The company has an entire program, the first of its kind in India, explicitly crafted with the introvert in mind-to help them discover their leadership potential and to overcome barriers to success. The company seeks to develop leadership potential beyond the norm and helps leaders embrace uncertainty, have a stake-holder focus, be thought leaders, lead diverse, cross-cultural, and multigenerational teams, and more.

Besides generic coaching service, Coach Johncey also offers specific leadership development programs for organizations such as Accelerated Leadership Success for Introverts, this program unleashes the potential of the introvert by identifying their leadership potential, helping them articulate their leadership language, challenging their limiting perspectives, and formulating a methodology of success.

Strengthen Your Weakest Link, helps employees identify and articulate what prevents them from delivering to their potential and cultivates an ownership mindset, through group and 1:1 coaching sessions.

Align The Employee Organization Vision/Purpose, Mission and Values, Aligns personal objectives with organization vision, creating a more focused and powerful organization.

The firm utilizes various coaching tools, including, Core-Self TechTM - a technique used for self-discovery, Inspired Learning ModelTM - a tool that creates a positive-only reinforcement learning environment, DIAL (Deep Impact Accelerated Learning)

Supercharge Your Performance, A 1:1 coaching to help top performers discover their hidden leadership potential and overcome limiting beliefs. `Create Another Leader', this program is set up to inculcate a culture of ownership and leadership by helping leaders identify and create leaders in their teams.

The firm utilizes various coaching tools, including, Core-Self Tech - a technique used for self-discovery, Inspired Learning ModelTM - a tool that creates a positive-only reinforcement learning environment, DIAL (Deep Impact Accelerated Learning) - for people who find it challenging to sit through multi-day training pro-grams.

The firm also believes that each person has a unique style of learning and offers a range of content delivery mechanisms, including webinars, group sessions, one-on-one sessions, and pre-recorded modules. It provides a differentiating coaching environment that is `strength' focused, that encourages lively discussion, stresses the need for micro learning and micro-actions that are built on SMART goals, and co-scripts the entire journey with the person being coached.