UXD Jobs: Connecting the Dots Between Employers & Design Pros

Arumuga Pandian, Founder Design exists in a plethora of areas from industrial (cars, machinery, and furniture) to art (logos, magazines, paintings) to photography, to anything you name. And, ever since we touched technology, design started to play an even bigger role. The way in which we connect with any product is by pure experience design. Therefore, companies like Apple, Facebook, and Square have employed a design centric ethos to catapult themselves ahead in the competition. A market research was able to show the impact of design on the bottom line. Companies that invested in great design outperformed the S&P 500 by 228 percent. According to the market study, ‘utilizing top design talent in hardware, software and service interactions helps companies grow faster through differentiation and better customer experiences.’As a result of this focus on great design, today there are over 150,000 open UX design jobs.


Because design and planning play such an essential role in our lives, it’s no surprise employers are looking to hire in these innovative industries. A plethora of UX & UI opportunities exist in every industry, especially in India. However, in such a flourishing job market, often the right and experienced UI/UX professional lands up in an underwhelming position or company, that fails to satisfy the aspirants’ expectations. This is vice versa with the employers too.

Chennai based UXD Jobs bridges the gap between UI UX Design& Development professionals and opportunities. It is one of India’s largest creative network which serves as the platform for User Researchers, Graphic Designers, Interaction Designers, Industrial Designers, Instructional Designers, Motion Graphic Specialist, Web Developer, Front End Developer, Open Source Developer, Usability Tester, and UX Architect.

Deploying Latest Technology Trends In HR Practices
Many employers have significantly changed the processes of recruitment and employer branding over the years due to the wide use of smartphones and websites. At the same time, smart job seekers also know that social media plays some role in their job search. UXD Jobs platform’s integration with social media promotes employer branding & helps them to communicate in different channels to recruit the right candidate. Mobile Push notifications for job application helps employer to take decisions quickly anytime anywhere and results in candidate no miss. Most importantly, the platform validates duplication of profiles on periodic intervals with predefined checklist to ensure right candidate database availability. UXD Jobs partners with various BG verification companies and provides services for candidate validation. Profiles are marked & filtered based on the same.

Disruptive technology trends such as machine learning are introduced into the recruitment industry. Compared to several years ago, the interview process today, is already more hightech. We know of instances when people interview for roles over Skype avoiding any travel arrangements thereby virtually staying on the run for jobs at companies across the country. AI platforms can come up with questions based on company needs, thereby giving recruitment professionals more time for other things. Additionally, the AI software used for interviews tracks things like eye movement and stammering, both of which could indicate that people are nervous or not being entirely truthful.

As for the jobseekers, UXD handpicks job opportunities and shares to respective candidates based on their skillset & experience

UXD Jobs’ upcoming AI powered match making algorithm pushes relevant candidates after the moment employer posts the job description & the same for jobseekers who expect most suitable jobs. “UXD Jobs is currently working with few research labs to build Virtual Assistant which will be mutually beneficial to employers & jobseekers”, further informs Arumuga Pandian, Founder, UXD Jobs. The upcoming version also has a highly scalable assessment platform which helps employers to conduct online exams & jobseekers to self rate them self.

Different Sides Have Different Problems

UXD Jobs’ website enables the employer to get clearer insight of the candidate’s profile. The website facilitates a ‘candidate skill card’ that shows self-skill ratings of jobseekers. At the same time, the candidate analytics shows active job seekers, while the portfolio links shows candidate social presence in a single shot.

UXD’s tie-ups with various educational institutes/ corporations ensure to filter out most suitable placements for the users. The firm has signed an agreement with TCS ION to connect with educational institutes exclusively for UI UX needs. More so, there are discussions around Top IIT & NID’s for Industry Expert Connect Program.

Setting Benchmarks
UXD’s powerful global networks of experienced Design & Development experts conduct the first level assessment of candidates based on request. Though the service is free, expert picked resume recommendation is pushed to employers to avoid passive talent. As for the jobseekers, UXD handpicks job opportunities and shares to respective candidates based on their skillset & experience.

Aspire systems, Athena Health, Avaya, Bookmyshow, Cleartax, Flipkart, Housing, ITC Infotech, Just Dial, MakeMyTrip, Myntra, OLX, Philips, TCS, Time Inc, Urban Clap and 1200+ companies are registered in UXD Jobs portal. For its excellent performance and result driven approach, UXD Jobs was shortlisted for NASSCOM 10000 startups program for the year 2016. Ever since its inception in 2016, UXD has successfully conducted recruitments for 2000+ candidate.

Having realized the benefits and therefore the incoming of AI into recruitment processes, UXD Jobs has started developing a model, that will have the Integration of AI-assisted live video interviews for hiring. UXD is further looking forward to integrate freelance marketplace & internship platform while introducing Bot driven mock interviews. UXD Jobs is available both in Web & Mobile (Android). A lot is in store for the job market in India, and UXD is doing its share of reformations for the design and experience community.