Jhajharia Nirman : Executing value engineering with Multidisciplinary Services

Sushil Jhajharia,Managing Director

Aby Mathew

General manager

The global civil engineering market size was valued at USD 7.74 trillion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.7% from 2021 to 2028. Rapid industrialization & urbanization in emerging economies coupled with the growing focus on the development of high-quality infrastructure worldwide is anticipated to drive market growth. An increasing number of infrastructure and capital projects is projected to boost the growth of the construction segment, which, in turn, is expected to drive the product demand over the forecast period.

Jhajharia Nirman Limited, established in 2008 is one of the leading civil engineering companies in India with 1000+ employees and 36 Office Locations. The company works with a highly experienced team of Professionals and Engineers having experience of up to 25 years in the core industry possessing indepth knowledge of construction activities and expertise in modern construction techniques. Having a vast experience and thorough understanding of the construction activity, the engineers plan the project to the minutest details, meeting all the specifications of the client.

Availability of surplus raw materials at site ensures no delay in execution of work at any site even during a crisis. Execution of such plans is supported by an equally skilled workforce that leads to the timely completion of the project at all times. Regular meetings are conducted between clients and management staff to measure the progress of the project.

Jhajharia Nirman tries to maintain high-
quality standards for all the projects that it works for. The company has managed to contribute to some notable projects throughout the nation has constructed over 15 Major Bridge & 500+ Minor Bridges, supplied over 10+ Lakh CUM of ballast, built over 30 multi-storied building, executed over 3 Crores CUM of earthwork, and over 300 km of track linking work in the past five years. The company has grown multifold since its inception and has been continuing to create wonders in the field of construction and engineering.

Safety is one of the top priorities of the company and strictly adheres to the Government norms as well as the standards & regulations of the contract issuing authority. It ensures the growth of all its employees by providing them with the best working environment. The workers are equipped with safety tools and equipment while working at the site and Portable fire fighting equipment is present at all worksites to avoid any emergency.

Further, the company strictly adheres to the Standards & regulations of the contract offered by the clients. "We listen, learn and seek out the best ideas from our clients. We value improvement over competition and believe our competitive edge comes from being the best. Our customers are our pride. We listen and learn the actual requirement of our clients and work accordingly to the ultimate satisfaction of our client" signifies Aby Mathew, General Manager at Jhajharia Nirman.

(L-R) Vinap Jhajharia, Director, Sushil Jhajharia, Managing Director, Saransh Jhajharia, Director

Jhajharia Nirman is passion-ate about excellence and completing the project within or well before the stipulated time. The company is fully dedicated to integrity, honesty, and firmness in the business and work environment. The objective of the company is to improve the quality of the infrastructure, environment, employees and do everything to make the jobs more sustainable. The Logo of the company denotes "AD MELIO-RA", i.e., "Onwards to Better Things".

Jhajharia Nirman Limited aims to create the industry standard for efficient construction methods and aspires to be the most sought-after contractor for the clients and built tomorrow together. The company dedicates itself to work with the clients, employees, and partners to come up with the best solution for all involved. Consequently, Jhajharia Nirman Limited hope to move "onwards to better things" and contribute towards "Building a new India".