Jazz Factory: Beyond Jazzing-up Presentation Designs

Vivek Singh,FounderIf you are from the corporate world, you’d have definitely observed a lot of people feeling bored of meetings with presentations. Many a times, conveying even an interesting story to your colleagues or customers through these presentations turns-out to be extremely monotonous. To rewrite these scenarios, you need to master the perfect content and design for your slides – the two major backbones of any presentation. Well, there’s no need for it anymore! Thanks to Jazz Factory, a boutique agency that has been seamlessly working with corporates and devising end-to-end solutions for all their presentation design needs since 2015.

A Hyderabad-based company, Jazz Factory works beyond the frontiers of a mere presentation design agency by spending time with clients, comprehending each nuance in their business, creating compelling content from scratch, and designing awe-inspiring slides for them. In a nutshell, the company stands as a manifestation of the phrase – ‘Beauty meets Brains’! This way, it helps clients in not only achieving their business objectives, but also narrating better stories to their employees and customers.

Passion-Driven Team
The expert behind Jazz Factory is Vivek
Singh (Founder), an MBA graduate from IIM Ahmedabad with 11+ years of experience in sales & marketing. He along with another MBA graduate from IIM Ahmedabad who holds over a decade of experience in technology, are passionately taking the company to incredible heights. Wondering how? It is through their extensive experiences across the business world and most importantly, their relentless fervent to entertain, motivate and inspire people with their works. Today, the duo is capable of looking at any business and quickly grasping its subtleties. Vivek adds, “We put ourselves in the audience’s shoes, challenge the client, play devil’s advocate and build presentations”.

Jazz Factory helps clients in not only achieving their business objectives, but also narrating better stories to their employees and customers

Jazz Factory offers a wide range of services including B2B Sales Presentations, Investor Pitches, Presentation Redesign (Visual Makeover of Slides), Corporate Storytelling, Company Profile Presentation, Product Presentation, Presentation Skills Training & what not! The company stands only a click or call away from its clients to address their requirements on time. In this pursuit, it never compromises on quality regardless of the price client pays. They say quality comes with a premium price! In that context, Jazz Factory offers services at a slightly premium price to its clients, but by taking complete ownership of their business and building excellent value for them. Data security is another forte of the company. It stores the clients’ information across a secure cloud platform, while encouraging them to sign NDAs.

Quality, Not Quantity is What Matters!
Some of Jazz Factory’s clients are Hotstar, Pay U, SkoolBeep, Onsitego, Euronet Worldwide, Solar Town and Traform, while the roster includes many more from industries like technology, e-Commerce, real estate and manufacturing. The company ensures to work with few clients, for whom it can add the best value instead of serving too many clients. The major focus here is on building long-term relationships, and that’s exactly why the company has been associated only with few clients for many years. No wonder, most of its business comes from repeat clients and referrals. Even in the future, Jazz Factory aims to remain a niche and boutique agency that delivers top-notch works for a few chosen clients.