Javin IT Services: A One-Stop-Shop IT Services Solution for Industry 4.0

Balaji Senthamarai, Founder & Director,Leander Lemes Dsouza, Director (Business Management)

Balaji Senthamarai

Founder & Director

The IT & BPM sector in our country stood at $177 billion in 2019 and it is estimated that the size of the industry will grow to $350 billion by 2025. It's quite evident that the landslides generated by Covid-19 have already redefined the expectations from the IT services industry. Ascribed to the burgeoning proportion of work-from-home needs, organizations are in a haste to handpick IT service partners who could offer customized & sophisticated `solutions' crafted out of cutting-edge technologies and a holistic experience that they are looking for. Offering a panacea to this predicament is Javin IT Services Pvt Ltd ­ a one-stop-shop solution for IT services based out of Mumbai. Javin is a home of everything, ranging from IT Infrastructure Deployment Services to AMC Support, IT Service Desk, Server & Network Management, EU Device Management, and even IT Staffing Services.

Envisioning the Future of IT
Javin was founded in 2015 by Balaji Senthamarai (Director), a Mechanical Engineer by education and a technological wizard with decades of experience in the IT industry; it was born out of Balaji's passion for influencing people and achieving success, rather than being a follower. Javin as its name implies believes in being benevolent, brilliant and always inventive with full of high inspirations. Its endeavors built up on this belief have paid off, as Javin today rides through an expressway of growth.

"As a budding and fast-growing company, we make sure that our roots are firmly planted in the basic needs of the IT industry, while we continue to grow and incorporate futuristic technologies like IoT and Artificial Intelligence. We truly believe that walking with the world is walking with GOD, and that's what makes us different from the rest," asserts Balaji.

Having had a humble beginning in the industry by providing AMCs and On-site support to many private firms within the proximity of Mumbai, Javin today provides a holistic service experience to its PAN India clientele, thanks to the company's broad & robust partner network. Going an extra mile forward, the company even offers staffing solutions and outsourcing, making sure that its clients are never in
need to knock another door. Javinin fact not only provides resources, but also provides its people with progressive corporate skills to match the MNC requirements, thus helping the employees and the clients grow exponentially. Balaji adds, "It's truly the win-win proposition that sets us apart from our competitors who still believe in confining their offerings to traditional practices of outsourcing."

While catching the eye-balls of Japanese multinational NTT Data and having their system integration services under its umbrella remain Javin's most prestigious and renowned success story, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, the company has also cracked a deal with Hitachi to offer customized IT Infra rentals designed to suit the work-from-home-needs of people. Of late, the company has also bolstered its management team with Leander Lemes Dsouza, Director of Business Management, joining the team.

"If own a Business or are starting a new one, you may have heard that branding is only for the large companies with big budgets. But branding is more important now than ever before, especially for a small businesses, online businesses, and even the independent freelancers.

Leander Lemes Dsouza, Director (Business Management)

Unfortunately, many small business owners overlook this dire need and fail to understand the potential for increased revenue through branding. A consumer's purchasing decision is largely influenced by the POWER of a business's Brand. Very few get the notion of how you can leverage the same to dominate your niche," opines Lemes who brings his repertoire of digital marketing to the table.

It's truly the win-win proposition that sets us apart from our competitors who still believe in confining their offerings to traditional practices of outsourcing

A Future with Clarity
Under the new management and with help from Leander, Javin in the recent months has met its profitable match in Brand Management. As a dynamic IT services company, it also recognizes that its success depends largely on its ability to grow and scale up with its clients growth. Hence, the company is quite lucid about its strategic direction for the next five years and it revolves around structured financial consolidation & disciplined growth in IT service sales, exploring new avenues for growth, and maintaining its commitment to sustainable business development. Javin's key focus areas also include IoT, Data Management and Cloud servicing. "Our aim is to enhance our relationships with the key stakeholders and strengthen our capabilities to ensure the supply (without compromising affordability) by implementing initiatives aimed at extending our generation networks and optimizing trading opportunities," concludes Balaji.