ITC Infotech: Tackles The Challenges With Knowledge-Plinth

"When you don't invest in infrastructure, you are going to pay sooner or later." ~ Mike Parker, Former Assistant U.S. Secretary of the Army for Civil Works, vocalized these words towards rebuilding America after hurricane Katrina hit America bad in 2005. But, on another perception, these words work as an elixir for organizations that are yet to leverage on IT Infrastructure Management Services (IMS), comprehensively. This is where exactly ITC Infotech comes into play with over 16 years of industry experience.

The company is a market-star in providing best-of-breed front-end & back-end IMS solution at highest level of cost efficiency. ITC Infotech acquired the industry stardom through its unique work templates, which taps in diverse geographies and business domains. "The parent company, ITC Limited, biased us to carve a brand in the market.The experience of the organization combines with the ability to harness the strengths of our global delivery model, and enables us to deliver cutting-edge solutions on a regular basis," asserts Prasad Natu, Vice President, ITCInfotech.

The Uncompromised Security
The global full-scale IT services provider with strong business & technology consulting skills, ITC Infotech strides with a proven domain expertise and high reference ability in IMS sphere. "ITC Infotech brings in flexibility and our ability to invest around customer
Sushma Rajagopalan,MD & CEOrequirements has helped us in improving customer satisfaction which is in the top 80 percentile. We also hold a record of building global delivery centers," adds Prasad.

The organization never lets you down with the BYOD policies either. The company makes sure of the regular software updates and patch management including firmware of hardware components, thereby mitigating the risks. ITC Infotech makes security policies rock-solid through NDA, the risk assessment exercises, and internal & external audits. On the other hand, the company rescues customer's critical systems from malicious attacks by building a multi-layered firewall along with an IDS/IPS solution and geo-fencing of the core infrastructure. For End-of-Life (EOL) systems, the company implements a refresh program, which tackles the risk. No wonder Forrester Research, Inc. recognized ITC Infotech in its report - 'Understanding the Diversity in
Offshore Infrastructure Management Services'.

The Customer Ecosystem
A client of ITC Infotech entailed a supporting resource during the non-working hours, which seemed an extremely-expensive and herculean task for them. Understanding the exigencies, ITC Infotech designed a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) with 24/7 support, which reduced their yearly support cost by over 70 percent! Customer experience, process efficiencies and differentiated delivery models being its nut-crackers have helped ITC Infotech build long lasting relationship with the top 10 clients of its 250+ customers. "It is important to maintain an overarching security framework that covers all aspects with periodic reviews and audits to ensure no disruption to services," adds Prasad.

To append on the core competency, the company has proven expertise with its flagship services such as WorkEZ - a framework of services around end-user; the service management and integration framework- ManageNXT and CloudSHYFT - a framework that offers consultancy services, transformation programmes and core services based in cloud. Company finds revenue through its Infrastructure Services, Application Development &Management, and Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics coupled with business & technology consulting services in the chosen industry verticals.