VK Computers: An Inimitable Influencer as an IT Infra-Rental Solution Provider

Vishvesh Thakor,Proprietor

Vishvesh Thakor, Proprietor

India currently stands as the topmost off-shoring destination for IT companies, attracting significant investments from major countries around the world. Estimated to reach $350 billion by 2025, the country proves its capability in delivering on-shore/off-shore services to global clients, thereby giving rise to technology service providers within the country who offer a gamut of services and opportunities for the industry to flourish. One such being the much needed rental sector that narrows down unnecessary costs, boosting IT performance and increasing efficiency. In response to this growing necessity, gripping a well-established niche in the industry since its inception in 1999, VK Computers holds an inimitable influence over delivering rental-based ace-class computer equipment, with products ranging from entry-level desktops, laptops, workstations, networking products, render-blades, projectors and printers to even arranging licensed software.

The company is known to house the widest range of products
& devices and is recognized in the industry for delivering the finest services at the most competitive prices with an assured best value proposition. Headed by Vishvesh Thakor (Proprietor) and backed by a friendly and skilled staff, VK Computers engages in a thoroughly customized rental affair that moves-on to develop a close-knit relationship with clients and encourage a positive communication so as to precisely understand and deliver its customer requirements. Avowing to provide the most reliable services, Vishvesh states, “We hold accountable if we fail to deliver our vision. Our customers are entitled to receive the very best from any professional organization, and our company does not settle for less from our suppliers, nor should the customers from us. Hence, we provide only new machines for three years and replace it post that to offer a seamless experience”.

"VK Computers is known to house the widest range of products & devices and is recognized in the industry for delivering the finest services at the most competitive prices"

Reliable Services, Guaranteed Solutions
Offering rental services in a time-frame ranging from a day to a year and more, VK Computers only makes this possible with its comprehensive assistance in providing both hardware & software solutions within the quickest possible time-window. Moreover, every product on rent is under three years warranty period, and VK Computers replaces them
once the tenure is over. Unlike its peers and customary practices to repair the defective parts, the company replaces them with new ones, thus avoiding further possible glitches. Under its maintenance contact, the company offers telephonic/email support and even onsite engineers for those renting large number of products.

Furthermore, trading/selling unwanted/old equipment on the client’s behalf is also looked after by the company. VK Computers also provides demo machines to enable the clients to recognize opportunities in utilizing advanced device upgrades and enhance their performance. To ensure utmost performance of the rented equipment, VK Computers signs a contract with the clients not to use any unlicensed software, but rather helps them get one through its tie-up with Microsoft. Using its tie-ups with vendors and dealers for genuine spare parts, the company makes customized assembled quality machines.

What lies Ahead
At a retention rate of over 96 percent, made-up with a clientele of some of the top companies like Red Chilies Entertainment, Contilo Picture Yashraj Studio and the likes, VK Computers is the definite answer to all IT Infra rental solutions. Realising around 30 percent revenue growth annually, the company looks at larger prospects, aiming to establish investment partners and further expand its service base.