iSuraksha: A Customizable GPS Service Provider Prioritizing Your Safety & Security

Premanshu Rana,  CEO,Pankaj Nakhat,  Founder

Premanshu Rana, CEO

Pankaj Nakhat, Founder

GPS was predominantly designed for military purposes. However, as time went by, the diversity of these unique phenomena started attracting attention of the common consumers. With several car users deploying this service and the government mandating it for commercial vehicles (by the end of 2017), today GPS is the house hold name that is simplifying travel like never before. Banking on this opportunity is Pune based iSuraksha, which provides an array of bespoke GPS services helping clients track their loved ones, assets, employees and many more through its cloud based application and provides 99.9 percent up time, better customer services along with highly scalable solutions.

Efficient Tracking
An Android and iOS compatible platform, iSuraksha offers diverse tracking services. The company’s products like School Bus Tracking Solution for parent & school, Employee Tracking CRM, Customizable GPS Solutions, Asset Tracking Solutions, and Fleet Management Solutions that are instilled with features like
remote turn on, instant geoposition and geo fence alert, the user can pin point the concerned person’s exact position and also limit their geographical boundaries if required. With kids’ safety in lieu, the company’s school management services also help schools & parents with real time notifications and tracking with respect to the bus’ position, enabling them to keep an eye on the child’s movement outside school.

iSuraksha provides an array of bespoke GPS services helping clients track their loved ones, assets, employees and many more through its cloud based application and provides 99.9 percent uptime, better customer services along with highly scalable solutions

“With our state-of-the-art reporting, you can see live or history of positions of your loved ones,” informs Premanshu Rana, CEO, iSuraksha. Moreover, several corporate houses also appreciate the agility of iSuraksha’s proprieties that are helping them manage their sales team, get insights from their sales activities, manage their attendance and visit and enable a real time chat between the team member & his superior. With a robust security backed by 128 bit SSL encryption, these corporate clients don’t have
to worry about any data security threat. The company’s team makes sure that the test data remains segregated from the production data.

While corporates and individuals have a small area to monitor, PAN India goods suppliers have to deal with discrepancies in form of inefficient dispatching, time wastage and rule violating drivers. iSuraksha, through its fleet management services, ensures a timely update about the drivers, the vehicles and a complete information about the route being taken. Premanshu explains, “In addition to tracking, we also help you save money by reducing telephonic conversation and ensuring that the drivers are not going for a side trip at your expense”. Furthermore, the next gen receiver, motion sensor, panic button, long battery life and many other features make this product even more user friendly and tighten the security parameters efficiently.

The team at iSuraksha makes deploying these services a walk in the park. Users can approach the team with their specific problems and the latter subsequently crafts tailor-made solutions, making the entire process an end-to-end solution. However, with the core offering of tracking services, iSuraksha is also a prominent player in the IOT space and slowly making its mark in the retail & B2B industry as well. With artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data playing a pivotal role in iSuraksha’s future roadmap of innovations, the team is all set to expand its customer base in the coming future.