Ionixx Technologies: Materializing Intelligent UX/UI Designs with Sensibility-induced Approach

   Chippy Diac,    VP - Design

Chippy Diac

VP - Design

A good User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design is an easy identifier in the long run, in terms of functionality, accessibility, and its ability to supersede and pre-empt users’ needs. Charting these ideals, Los Angeles-headquartered technology solutions and services provider, Ionixx Technologies has come a long way and proved its mettle in shaping customer experience through powerful, efficient UX/UI designs that not only induce value offerings but present holistic and diverse perspectives on the table.

Appropriating a unique stance when it comes to its design operations, Ionixx aligns its overall business strategy before approaching a project. “Our designers are involved in analyzing a project/product right from the presales phase. This helps us gather a solid understanding of who the target users are and makes the otherwise cumbersome planning to design process, very effective”, explains Chippy Diac, VP – Design, Ionixx Technologies adding that the company adopts a multifaceted approach right from its team recruitment process, “To provide a diverse UI experience to our clients, our special focus is getting onboard personnel from psychology backgrounds as our designs are considerate towards both consumers and enterprises alike. The expertise of our team of psychologists helps identify user behavior, which consequently our UX designers use to translate into well thought out navigation and information architecture a comprehensive result with client engaged collaboration at each step”.

In a bid to surpass the predictable industry trends and competitors, Ionixx adopts a techagnostic design approach focussing solely on user-centricity for a product/solution overcoming any usability issues that may arise. Emphasizing the design methodology, the in-house team leverages updated tech tools such as AdobeX, Sketch, and Figma to drive exalted solutions and desired outcomes for clients. In keeping up with the requests of design-savvy clients, Ionixx carefully accommodates design systems like material design, tech frame works like angular, react JS into its framework to build and deliver delightful experiences. “We have designed crypto trading platforms, executive coaching platforms, vehicle market places, crypto wallets, fintech securities, EHRs, KYC, and non-performing asset solutions for microfinance, regulatory compliance solutions”, reveals Diac of the company’s extensive portfolio over time designing varied solutions and platforms.

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Steadfast Support for Precise Requests
Ensuring a smooth, uncomplicated UX design for entities across different verticals, the Ionixx team’s expertise lies especially in the Fintech and Healthcare domain, two essential sectors, where generally designers are posed with critical challenges. In the case of Fintech players, the in-house designers are familiar with different aspects of the industry operations; from using the right business terminology to being adept at breaking down complex tasks and algorithms into simpler workflows. In the same vein, for the healthcare industry, a designer needs to possess a deep knowledge of the healthcare ecosystem which includes allied industries like insurance and Ionixx designers are equipped with the necessary domain knowledge to be able to work with clients, value-add, and co-create the range of solutions the clients seek.

With its design first approach, Ionixx has to its credit numerous client success stories from building a balanced regulatory compliance system of user friendliness and elegant design to designing an executive coaching system featuring an inbuilt tailored journal management system to monitor end-user’s objective based progress. “We ensure to get our customers’ buy in and allow them to see first hand how design is quite a chaotic process and thus advocate to spend more time on design”, chimes in Diac.

Serving clients across North America, Singapore, and more, Ionixxin its growth trajectory plans on investing in a cultural immersion program by building a cross functional team of design experts, anthropologists, behavior experts, and UX researchers to localize product experiences.