InvigorateCloud: Addressing the Cloud Needs for OTT Platforms Inclusively

Niladri Talukdar, Co-Founder & CEO

Niladri Talukdar

Co-Founder & CEO

Cloud computing has paved foundation for major transformations in the digital journey for enterprises. This is the era of over-the-top (OTT) platforms and it is significantly impacting the Cloud in a lot of ways. OTT Video streams are a massive component 70 percent of the internet traffic. OTTs including giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime have gained traction in Indian market among its little over 27 other platforms. Being a data-driven world, these platforms have been feeding on user preference data to offer the best user experience according to their demands and interests. InvigorateCloud headquartered in Bengaluru is a group of technocrats with expertise in Edge and MultiCloud computing that comprehends business’ objectives, and develops & deploys software on secure cloud platforms. The company established in the year 2018 works on a number of cloud related programs such as Cloud Migrations, Greenfield Cloud Deployments, Hybrid Cloud Lifecycle Management, MultiCloud Security Compliance, Managed Cloud Services among many others.

Cloud computing and digital media solutions are interdependent. Providers of Cloud services, like AWS, Azure predominantly are a key component in building the IT infrastructure need for OTT platforms. With the cloud technology, organizations are availed with the opportunity to scale their IT requirements on a pay as you go model. Digital Media 2.0, as conceived by InvigorateCloud, is entirely backed by cloudnative solutions. The company has
been shifting its focus to new media on the OTT platforms using cloudnative solution. In the global scenario, there are only few players in this niche space. Since there is always demand for high quality video streaming from the users, OTT platforms are always under pressure to keep the price at a reasonable rate. InvigorateCloud is striving to deliver the best industry practice without compromising on the quality of the video. They offer intelligent platform to provide the lowest bandwidth, highest quality, and highest performance for H.265/AVC and VP9 with support later in 2020 for CMAF/AV1. This elevates the quality of video streaming, making a benchmark at the global standards. By enabling cognitive automation, the company offers solutions pertained to automate specific business processes using less data. “We have a Digital Media Marketing Automation team of experts that does OTT Consulting engagements. By helping customers understand How to successfully deliver high quality OTT video content at scale, how latency can be reduced in live streaming services, how to monetize their application, OTT offerings and How to identify new monetization options fit niche OTT services. We provide best strategic solution to maintain low cost and user retention”, says Niladri Talukdar, Co-Founder & CEO, InvigorateCloud.

InvigorateCloud offers intelligent platform working with various technologies for improving video quality, reducing bandwidth, and creating entirely automated encoding and video optimization solution as a service

With cloud computing, media services providers are witnessing advantage of collecting information on user preferences and data required for harnessing machine learning models. Thus OTT brands could find a way to consolidate their workflow as well as customize feed based on user persona. As Niladri expresses, OTT players are trying to make every thing economical in their content delivery model. He perceives the lack of awareness and knowledge that customers possess in cloud and edge computing. The cloud-based industry solutions that InvigorateCloud delivers help in streamlining processes, advance applications, and enable cognitive intelligence that serves to business requirements. The company is currently forging its business expansion across South Africa and United States. Niladri foresees to introduce major innovations that annex the OTT platform much easier for the enterprise to run by bringing in Cognitive Automation such as AI driven encoding and DRM Automation leveraging cloudnative Intelligent technologies for OTT video transcoding and delivery. Niladri envisaged that propelled by internet penetration and smartphone growth, India has already emerged as a key market for OTT Players. 100M is likely figure of Unique Monthly Users in the OTT Market in India by 2020.