Intriguity: Specializing in CAD Design with a Customer-Centric Approach

Vikrant Rawa,   CEOIndia's 3D printing services market, valued at $92.34 million in 2023, is on a robust growth trajectory. With a projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.33 percent from 2023 to 2028, it is anticipated to reach an impressive $264.71 million by 2028. This expansion is driven by 3D printing's transformative impact on manufacturing, enabling precise and rapid production of customized objects. Key industry trends encompass diversification into materials like metals and ceramics, broadening applications across sectors from aerospace to healthcare, and the integration of artificial intelligence for design optimization and enhanced print quality. Yet, challenges persist in intellectual property protection, regulatory complexities, achieving speed and scalability without compromising quality and prioritizing sustainability by reducing material waste and energy consumption for the long-term viability of 3D printing services. Intriguity, founded in 2004 by Vikrant Rawa, has established itself as a dynamic problem-solver in India's manufacturing and technology landscape.

The firm’s journey began with strategic partnerships, implementing Alibre Design software in more than a 100 companies who were looking to adopt 3D CAD and adding Rhino software to its portfolio for surface modeling. In 2008, the firm became Value Added Resellers for Solidscape 3D Printers, revolutionizing the jewelry industry. Intriguity, expanding further, launched CAD on Demand, offering CAD designing services globally.

In 2015, its partnership with Orbitvu from Poland brought innovative product teleporting solutions to India. “Our objective has always been to be a technology implementation partner rather than just delivering merely a product sale. This partnership creates a results-oriented environment where the best solutions are born and executed. We’re your technology partner – setting your business on course for success, innovation and efficiency”, speaks Vikrant Rawa, CEO, Intriguity.

3D Innovations & Expertise
Intriguity, with more than 15 years of experience, offers comprehensive 3D printing services and training programs spanning FDM/FFF, DLP, LCD, and Wax Jet 3D printers. These hands-on programs empower participants to excel in jewelry, automotive, dental, engineering, and more fields. “We remain at the forefront of emerging technologies, anticipating the rise of metal 3D printing and evolving finishing techniques”, says Vikrant Rawa. Intriguing, also offering automated jewelry photography solutions since 2016, serves several prominent Indian jewelers, including top key retail brands in India. The firm provides extensive jewelry photography training, encompassing DSLR settings, lighting techniques, post-production, 360-degree video, and creative photography with props, empowering participants to elevate its online jewelry visuals.

Team Excellence & Future Vision
Intriguity's dynamic team is headquartered in Borivali West, Mumbai, providing dedicated postsales technical support and training for all installations. The firm’s showroom cum office features demo machines showcasing its diverse product range. At the helm are Vikrant Rawa as CEO, Meenakshi Rawa as COO, and Santosh Jadhav as GM Technical. This adept team transcends traditional support, boasting deep expertise in CAD and manufacturing processes, adept at identifying and resolving issues. The team structure comprises CAD designers catering to US clients, especially jewelry, and hardware specialists, totaling approximately 12 employees, equally divided between software and hardware domains. With 15+ years of experience, the firm offers holistic guidance, ensuring tailored solutions for clients.

The firm's enduring vision revolves around providing tailored technology solutions, transcending mere product sales, and offering comprehensive consultancy for diverse industries. Intriguity’s future roadmap is strategically focused on two specialized niches: high-precision 3D wax printing using Solidscape 3D Printers and large-volume 3D printing using Modix 3D printers, affirming its commitment to serving these specific industry segments. The company further aims to establish partnerships with educational institutions, envisioning the facilitation of twoday Crash Courses for students. These programs, featuring cost-effective FDM printers, empower students with hands-on experiences, nurturing their creativity and enabling the firm to explore the boundless potential of 3D printing technology through its unique ideas and innovations.