Interlock PR: Delivering Result-oriented Solution through Adept Market Intelligence

Jestin Sajayan,Co-Founder & Digital Programs Manager

Jestin Sajayan

Co-Founder & Digital Programs Manager

A good public relations strategy can attract many news outlets and expose the content to a large audience. Moreover, this medium can help the company utilize certain organic touchpoints that are hard to capitalize on otherwise. Further, the pandemic has upturned everyone's lives with its entrance in 2020 and even now. It brought about a lot of challenges and changes in the functioning of organizations along with their communication and marketing strategies.

However, looking at the bright side, it has also driven the inculcation of digital adoption by both start-ups and established brands. With the change in business models and the functioning of the firms, changes were witnessed in the organizational communication strategies as well. With the increase in digital preferences, remote working along hybrid work models, 2021 is filled with waves of enthusiasm, innovations, creativity, and especially revival and hope.

Interlock PR, established in 2018 is a tech PR firm, co-founded by Jayesh G. and Jaya Sara Varghese as a group company of Interlock Marketing Consultancy. Jayesh G. is a technology marketing professional with more than 22 years of IT media and industry experience. His expertise in technology marketing has given him the benefit to perfectly understand the peril and the expectation of a client from an agency, as he always worked on the client-side before starting the agency. It gives the edge to the
team to be in the client's shoes and portrays exactly as per the clients' requirements. On the other hand, Jaya Sara Varghese has worked with several agencies and comes with two decades of experience handling hundreds of clients from varied industries in the international as well as domestic market. Moreover, the amalgamation of his expertise on the client-side and Jaya's on the agency side further aids to provide the value added services to the clients.

Interlock PR partners with both startups, regional, national, and global companies in technology industry and is committed to building brands that deliver tangible value. Interlock PR is a partner with a leading player in the cloud-tech space and eyes to strengthen its presence in the fast-growing managed cloud services market. It has been working with the company for the last 2years, even during the pandemic. Moreover, the covid-19 has shaken the world upside down, many businesses experience heavy losses.

Globally, the education system became online and the doctors examined their patients over the internet. The world, actually in a way, started connecting virtually more than ever before. Interlock PR worked extensively with the cloud solution provider's marketing team, created a lot of campaigns, leads, social media content, and also formulated PR programs for many micro-verticals like Edtech, healthcare industries etc.

With lot of experience in industry Interlock PR is providing the quality services from past 3 years

Further, Jayesh has set up an AI based Tech news media aggregator `The Techstreet Now'. The Techstreet Now being a technology news aggregator, Interlock PR can get hands-on in-depth industry knowledge about the work of Tech media companies and how people respond to the digital media. The experience can further be converted and be utilized in PR to become more effective. There is no other PR agency in India that have got a pairing company of a tech marketing and also Tech news aggregator firms in the group companies.

In case if PR as a standalone needs to be more effective, combined with social media or other means of reaching out to the people, Interlock PR can always take support from the interlock marketing consultancy and come up with integrated campaigns. All in all the support from the interlock marketing consultancy and media aggregator has given great value addition to the Inter-lock PR, which has let the company stay abreast in an excellently professional manner and to serve the Technology clients in a much better way.