Integra Micro Software Services: Enhancing Efficiency & Productivity of Enterprises via Customized Process Automation Solutions

Sridhar Karra,COOProcess automation solutions are making a tremendous impact on businesses looking to improve efficiency and save costs. RPA and ChatBOTs automate high volume repeatable tasks within existing processes, thus freeing employees to better utilize their knowledge and focus on high-value tasks that can expand revenue opportunities.

The process automation market is expected to register a growth of over 12 percent during 2019–2024 and is projected to reach $14 billion by 2024. The demand for automated IT systems that serve dynamic requirements of customers, optimized resource utilization and enhanced decision-making are the key factors driving this growth.

Proven Partner in Process Automation

To address these needs in the Intelligent Automation space, Integra Micro Software Services (IMSS), offers hybrid and integrated solutions based on RPA, ChatBOT and Machine Learning technologies to customers of all sizes across different sectors/verticals. IMSS offers RPA services to bridge gaps within organization functions enabling last-mile digital transformation by automating repetitive tasks and business workflows. The rich & vast experience in imaging, mobile application development and enterprise process management makes IMSS a pro in office automation.

Helping customers avoid the pitfalls with their RPA implementations

Often, many businesses approaching us over-estimate the work deemed suitable for automation with industry benchmarks used to estimate the size of the prize. But as the work goes live, multiple issues surrounding roles, schedules and resource allocation can potentially arise regarding the actual running of these robots and managing the robots when the business process is changed even slightly.

To avoid this, every RPA project at IMSS, irrespective of the complexity and size, needs to clearly define roles and controls. The RPA platform is only as good as the foundation it relies on and these foundations include virtualization platforms, network, hardware infrastructure, well-defined rules and processes etc., Whether it is a home grown solution or integration with a third party product offering, IMSS always recommends the right architecture for a solution and ensures that the proposed solution is apt for given scenarios/use cases. Weak foundations result in slower BOTs and may also need more number of BOTs resulting in higher costs thus skewing the cost-benefit ratio and IMSS helps customers to avoid that.

IMSS, in its projects also account for a cultural change readiness in its customers at multiple
levels which includes preparing them for implications in terms of roles that are no longer needed as well as the new roles that may be added. IMSS takes a holistic approach to realize the full benefits of RPA in operational excellence, by optimizing other factors like waste elimination, process standardization etc.

As a software services company, we understand the pain points of customers and offer most suitable solutions rather than just selling a subscription/license

Learn, Perform, Scale and Sustain

RPA is incorrectly used sometimes to address operations pain points which are originally due to broken processes and lack of standard operating procedures which lead to longer BOT design times and discovery of new business scenarios during development, ultimately resulting in reduction of scope or change in cost-benefit ratios.

IMSS educates clients on image processing & RPA and helps them invest optimally to obtain maximum ROI. “As a software services company, we understand the pain points of customers and offer most suitable solutions rather than just selling a subscription/license. There are cases wherein we have advised customers not to invest on a RPA suite but instead provided custom tailor-made programs to address their specific pain points,” states Sridhar.

Creating Intelligent Solutions

The company extensively works on Tesseract, Google Vision and Tensor Flow for ML along with Dialog Flow and Alexa wherein these tools & frameworks help in developing complex and custom Softbot’s and intelligent, personal & utilitarian ChatBOTs for immersive and rewarding experiences. Strong partnerships with K2, UiPath and Softomotive help IMSS reduce the delivery times and ensure reliability. Atop, IMSS deploys Agile, DevOps and Microservices based methodologies to furnish continuous delivery & deployment. Comprehending the next level of automation, the company has developed in-house expertise on document, image & email processing, screen scraping along with single sign-on and dual factor authentication with multiple template recognition capabilities.

IMSS is ISO certified & CMMI Level 3 appraised with a strong dedicated QA team with both manual and automated QA processes to ensure that all deliveries meet customer expectations. Innovative by nature, IMSS is in the process of developing a SaaS-based solution, offering a bouquet of services based on RPA technologies and is betting its focus towards BOTs, automation, enterprise apps, data analytics and its ultra-flexible engagement model – TaaS (Talent as a Service). With recent expansions in the Middle East, North Africa and London, the company targets achieving 25 percent revenue growth in the next fiscal year.