Insilico: Cardinal Provider of IoT & AI-Controlled Solutions with Social, Financial & Environment Viability

Sudipto Das, Founder

Sudipto Das


From dusk till dawn, most of the lights (both public & private) in India remain switched on, despite vehicular or human movement in the surroundings, thereby inducing significant electricity wastage. Breathing the ‘Save & Be Safe’ and ‘Light & Enlight’ mottos, Insilico, an end-to-end VLSI and embedded design & software services and solutions provider, is the only company in its segment to bring in a holistic approach towards environmentally viable solutions. While most VLSI design service companies alienate IoT and AI and focus more on hardware and embedded designing, this firm has devised a novel IoT based ‘Smart Lighting’ solution controlled by AI. “With a vivid knowledge about our competitors, we portray ourselves as the only service company in India to uphold the capability to not just devise IoT based solutions but deliver the proof of concept and also an industry standard finished end-product in-house,” articulates Sudipto Das, co-founder & President, Insilico.

What sets Insilico apart is their focus on framing socially, financially and environmentally viable services
and solutions keeping into account
the welfare of the society, financial
status of client’s and its own business and the overall impact on the environment. Driving its mantra of ‘Unique Value-Add Point’(UVP,against the commonly used USP)with the right values, the firm instills a sense of pride in its employees and clients to render value-added services to the society and also delivers best quality services and solutions,acting as partners and not mere vendors.

Proposing the default case of keeping the lights switched off, Insilico has infused AI into IoT based lights to control their intensity based on vehicular movement and human movement

Smart Lighting Solution
Proposing the default case of keeping the lights switched off, Insilico has infused AI into IoT based lights to control their intensity based on vehicular movement (less intensity) and human movement(high intensity)and hence forth, minimize their ‘on’time. This project is self-sustained by a ‘Make in India’ concept to craft a ‘Viable Social Responsibility’(VSR)business model for entrepreneurs to give something beneficial to the society without bothering about finances. For the conceptualization of this smart lighting solution, Insilico was enlisted in the top 10 of ELECRAMA Startup Awards 2018 as one of the most
disruptive and potentially game changing start-ups in the ecosystem that directly impacts the electrical and electronics sector.

On the other hand, Insilico’s services line entails a diversified spectrum of offerings in embedded design & software and VLSI (complete analog & digital design from spec-to-silicon) on a wide range of ASICs and CPUs/GPUs deploying all state-of-the-art technologies (including 7 nm). Equipped with very flexible business models,the firm caters to products in the world of communication, networking, CPU/servers, automobiles, bio-medical, consumer electronics and a range of IoTs. Quality at Insilico is never compromised through an elaborate feedback mechanism that includes working at multiple levels comprising the clients, extensive internal assessments, peer reviews and regular tracking.

Believing in excellence through diversity, cosmopolitanism and multi-ethnicity, Insilico hires the best people from the best of the colleges with no prejudice. Besides, ensuring meaningfulness and psychological safety to all its employees and enabling them to engage all their energies, physical, cognitive and emotional, at work, Insilico also assures to address any quality and stability concern of its clients. Despite being a one-year old company, Insilico has procured 120+ engineers and 15+ clients across India and the US and seamlessly strives to transform itself into a full-fledged IoT based end-to-end solutions provider by travelling through ‘Unpathed waters and undreamt shores’.