Innovius Designs: A Coterie of Experts Creating Excellent yet Affordable Designs

Niladri Chakraborty & Rajdeep Saha,Co-Founders
Your business ideas are definitely your asset, but turning them into a beautiful reality is what really matters! The biggest catalyst in this pursuit is an attractive yet engaging business presentation that can engrave an impactful delivery on the audience’s minds and eventually enhance your brand’s reputation. Poised perfectly in the thriving industry of corporate presentation design is Kolkata-based Innovius Designs, a coterie of creative minds who are vivifying the clients’ brands by clearly understanding the importance of a meaningful and impactful branding. A unit of Innovius Research, Innovius Designs presently stands-out as one of the fastest growing Power Point Presentation and Corporate Identity Design companies in India.

Established in 2016 by Niladri Chakraborty & Rajdeep Saha (Co-Founders), Innovius Research is well-known for its excellence in offering PowerPoint Presentation Design services at affordable prices to its clients. This is because of its team of seven professionals with extensive experiences and excellent design skills, working tirelessly at the backend. Be it any requirement of the client, the company stands at the forefront to address them and also resolve any concern if raised. Its primary services include providing corporate presentation design and investor pitch desk design through 1,000+ different templates that can make the audience glued to the presentation. Further, tools like Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and In Design are leveraged in the
best possible ways by the team to make the presentation a sheer success. Niladri adds, “Leveraging the right blend of innovation, imagination and ingenuity, we make our clients’ presentations, logos, brochures and business cards look fantastic!”

Rajdeep Saha, Co-Founder

Right Solution for Your Vision!
First and foremost, Innovius Designs diligently understands what the client requires and offers them suitable suggestions. Following this, it designs the presentation for the client and keeps them updated at every stage of the process. Since client satisfaction is its main priority, the company ensures to incorporate revisions until the client is genuinely happy with the presentation. Moreover, clients’ who want to maintain confidentiality are advised to sign NDAs by the company. Rajdeep asserts, “We have always been aiming to build enduring relationships with the clients”. Some of its clients are Microsoft, Logitech, ANOVA Corporate Services, Agrainz Solutions, and many other large corporates, consultants, speakers, startup entrepreneurs, and individuals.

Innovius Designs’ primary services include providing corporate presentation design and investor pitch desk design through 1,000+ different templates that can make the audience glued to the presentation

To keep-up these relationships, the team of experts at Innovius Designs strive to enhance their design skills every single day and also learn a great deal while working with multiple clients from diverse industries and sectors. For the future, Innovius Designs is all geared-up to include Pitch Deck creation along with design across its services. Further, it envisions acquiring long-term clients in the Indian market and also aggressively marketing its services with focus on US, UK, Germany, and other areas of Europe & Australia.