Influencivepress Digital Media: A Digital Marketing And PR Agency That Helps Businesses Create A Brand Value

Shantanu Swaraj,Founder & CEO

Shantanu Swaraj

Founder & CEO

"We are a Gen-Z marketing company with expertise in Brand Building, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, PR and SEO Optimization," says Shantanu Swaraj, Founder & CEO at Influencivepress Digital Media. A marketing agency has the ability to either make or break a brand. A good marketing agency can improve brand reputation, increase sales and ensure visibility, giving a company the bandwidth to focus on the other parts of the business.

One such company is Influencivepress Digital Media. The company was established in 2018 and over this short span, it has grown manifold geographically. A team of talented and young creatives at Influencivepress create SEO friendly web designs for brands which help them enhance their image. With its ability to anticipate change and innovation, the company places itself much ahead of its competitors.

The work of social media influencers relies heavily on engagement, optimization, and content, and the Instagram algorithm tends to show the content to only 10 percent of the audience, this according to Shantanu is not beneficial to the content creator. Influencivepress works to bridge this gap by getting a company's content optimized to increase engagement by making sure the posts of the creator are available on the explore page of Instagram.

Influencivepress Digital Media uses insights, storytelling and technology to create lasting,
active connections. The company also offers Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Designing, Graphic Designing and Content Marketing services. The team at Influencivepress is dedicated to its clients and the community. Influencivepress works with brands that want to reach their customers.

The journey to Influencivepress for Shantanu began when he started contributing to Blogspot's blog in the year 2011. Aside from contributing to the blog, he also had a knack for programming so he ensured that he continually worked to keep it running. He, however, wanted to create his own business so he one day googled how to make money online? The result of this search was the increasing demand for SEO and web-based media.

So, he started his study, watched YouTube videos and read several articles on Quora to build up his aptitude. Shantanu of Jharkhand had a dream of doing something big in the world. He then started giving computerized promoting administrations as a freelance consultant. He engaged in a couple of independent vocations and with whatever information and cash he gathered, began his first computerized media office ­ Influencivepress Digital Media.

We believe in maintaining this chain of businesses helping each other because not only does it help both the ventures but it also helps our community as a whole and we believe in giving back to the people

As a supporter of the PM Self-Reliant movement, Influencivepress also believes in aiding local businesses, brands, content creators and helping them in achieving success via its marketing strategies. The team at Influencivepress need other businesses to require its services to stay in the market and its services cater to helping out other businesses build and grow its brand image so that it can satisfy its consumers and generate profits. The company does this by optimizing the reach and visibility of brands through the plethora of digital marketing services which it provides.

Influencivepress is vocal for local. According to Shantanu, local businesses must support each other to thrive and flourish in the market and the economy. "We believe in maintaining this chain of businesses helping each other because not only does it help both the ventures but it also helps our community as a whole and we believe in giving back to the people," concludes Shantanu.