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Sudesh Bhat,Director

Sudesh Bhat


During our research, Silicon India embarked on evaluating the steel structure design consultancy options available in India. Companies were rated on several key parameters - schedule, available resources, certification and standards adopted, projects executed, done, customer feedback to list a few. Design evaluations included the Scope of work, Development, Preliminary Design, Final Design and Construction Phase (Construction Engineering/ Construction Support). The system was based on objective information, which should lead to fair and intelligent ratings. Infiniti solutions, rated among the TOP 10 companies in this space. With operation Asia, Africa and Middle East and a high growth made it interesting to cover this company for our readers.

Indian demand for steel is showing a matured growth as compared to the relatively stagnant steel demand in developed countries. The rising demand for fast development of infrastructure ­warehouses, factory buildings in India has been a major impact on the industrial sector adapting to Pre-Engineered Building over conventional RCC technology. The demand though is picking has a long way to go when compared with other developing markets.

Steel forms like Built up sections, tubular frames, Light Gauge Steel are being introduced in the Indian market and will see a wider usage in the years to come. This opens up and widens the need for a professional steel detailing and designing in India. With a continued focus on the evolving technological procedures, standards, applications and ability to customize solutions with emphasis on design optimization maintaining the safety and Quality standards is a MUST in design Designing and Detailing of steel structures.

Infiniti Solutions -brings forth a decade of experience in steel design and detailing in both the Indian and Over-seas market. The company has it's headquarter in Pune - India with current consumer base of 250 in 15 countries. Infiniti offers its clients, its ability to provide customized solution through continued process of upgrading to evolving technological practices in the designing and detailing sector.

Continued Evolution
Sudesh Bhat, Director at Infiniti Solutions says, "Every design is unique and through our design process of consultation, survey and concept our designs are tailor-made to reflect the unique nature of every project. Our success has been built on customer satisfaction and loyalty which is based on our performance in the execution of contracts and the reliability of our designs. Our sustained growth is based on the continuous
evolution of our techniques, workflow and personnel through updated technologies and training for new methods and applications in our field.

We keep ourselves updated on the geotechnical data on project locations in order to ensure the safety parameters have been meet in every design. It is imperative to have this data updated regularly in our customized design software. This commitment is demonstrated through the implementation and maintenance of the QMS requirements of ISO 14000 so that it supports our products & services. Safety is a fundamental priority while designing at infiniti and efforts have been made to build this every design. Our USP is the 3D Visualization we offer clients at the proposal stage, this helps the end client visualize the project better during the concept stage.

Vinayak Joshi, Director

Vinayak Joshi, Director at Infiniti Solutions says, "The optimization in this industry is typically related to the weight consumption of steel. Steel is the costliest item in the process which has our adequate focus for the design consistency. The price of steel has doubled in the past year which gives us all the more reason for critically defining its cost utility with relation to its contribution in project. Finally, apart for the standardized software's used in steel structure designing, Infiniti solutions has its own set of unique software solutions that work on automation of these shop-drawings. Every new learning becomes an upgrade for Infiniti steel."

Roadmap Ahead
Starting its journey with 2-designers, 5 retailers, 1-2 clients in 2009 and an annual turnover of INR1.0million, Infiniti Steel Detailing has shown a tremendous rise to its current annual turnover of over INR100 million. It emphasizes on keeping consumer transparency at the core with a focus on expanding simultaneously in Indian and global market. Mr. Sudesh concludes, "Apart from the present operation, we have plans to enter another 7 countries by the end of 2022. Presently, we are in the process of scaling up our operations in growing markets like Sri Lanka, Vietnam and other south East Asian countries. Mr. Vedant Joshi, our next generation member is been taking lead for these growing market.

Our expansion plans have slowed due to the present pandemic situation worldwide, however, we see promising times ahead. Apart from our present business activity, we are developing skills to venture into offering complete solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry starting from design and detailed engineering to procurement, fabrication, construction and erection of heavy structural steel buildings, platforms, bulk storage infrastructures, pressure vessels, subsea equipment, high pressure & industrial piping and miscellaneous steel structures.

With thrust on skill development utilizing the talent pool in INDIA, Infiniti Solutions aims to be the DESIGN FACTORY for the world. Our well trained and experienced personnel with their varied backgrounds, can handle the toughest of project conditions as well as take full advantage of available human resources at each of our office locations.

Infiniti adhere to the following methods and principles
· Compliance with all relevant international standards, regulations, codes and norms (Such as API, ASME, ASTM, NFPA, AWS, BSI, EN, IEC etc...)
· Use of industry best practices and recognized / proven techniques, methods, equipment and materials
· Sustainability, energy efficiency, social responsibility and environmental awareness.
· Safety, efficiency and cost effectiveness
· Integrated project delivery throughout the complete project life cycle.