Indiba Business Solutions: Offering its Customers an Opportunity to Reimagine their Business

Asim Nilose,CEORestructured in 2017 to focus purely on IT Services from earlier focus spread across Financial services as well, Indiba Business Solutions offer their customers the opportunity to reimagine the business, deliver and operate their business in its current form and leverage enterprise systems. The company firmly believes that they are not only software delivery partners but also Business Process reengineering and change management partners as they adopt several joint customer initiatives.

Reimagination needs a holistic view of the both the Business and Technology. Through its spread of services across ERPs, HRMS Product- HCMZONE and custom development services in the areas of Mobile applications and IOT ; IBSL is able to provide seamless solution experience to its customers.

The various ERP solution services s offered by Indiba Business Solutions are around SAP R/3 and Oracle Net-suite for Enterprise Customers. For the SMEs SAP Business One and open-source ERPs like ODOO and ERPNext are offered.

Unique Factors
IBSL Philosophy behind business solutions around ERP Systems is that all leading ERPs leverage the similar base for the business process framework, but the distinction lies in the strategy and the approach used to implement the same. AsimNilose, CEO, IBSL says, "We consider that the success of ERP implementation is a mixture of Technology, Domain and Attitude of ownership. While domain is a critical factor over Technology; the most important factor is The Attitude of Ownership.

Implementing an ERP requires a lot of teamwork and balance of scope be-tween different stakeholders and Though a defined scope is always needed and it is sometimes necessary to step be-yond the scope to ensure success of implementation and that is where the attitude of ownership plays a role.

The company has always challenged the traditional implementation approaches and have worked at refining the same. Many of
the approaches were laid down by leading ERP players more than 20-25 years back when the industry was struggling with right skill sets, process and product maturity, knowledgebase and case studies. For example, considering their confidence in domain understanding across manufacturing and services Industries and avail-able knowledgebase AS-IS analysis phase is very narrow.

Technologies and Tools Used
Indiba Business Solutions leverage the framework for ERP evaluation and when a customer prefers selection from different ERPs, they use their tools and accelerators for ERP readiness assessment, Product evaluation templates coupled with a repository of general functional and technical requirements and Process Manual for COTS evaluation.

Cloud has been a very natural move for this company with ERP system deployments at Amazon, Azure and other cloud providers. The decisions for cloud vs On-Premise installations are arrived by tool based cost-benefit analysis on cloud deployments.

IBSL'S recommendation for their clients is to use the inherent analytical capabilities of the selected ERP from maintenance, cost and value perspective. However based on business need IBSL leverages the various analytical tools like Microsoft Power BI, Tableau and many more.

Apart from business processes, now the security requirements of the customers have become very dynamic and at times needs customization specific to the Industry need/company policy.

IBSL offers services around SAP S/4 HANA and Oracle Netsuite for Enterprise Customers AND SAP Business One, open-source ERPs like ODOO and ERPNext for the SME customers

Every phase of the project handled by Indiba Business Solutions passes through ETVX approach to ensure a check on the phase. Further, AsimNilose adds, "While POS-based solutions around IoT have been deployed for customers; we have also made a foray into IoT with our own devices being deployed with some of the leading global companies. One of such product being Ground Water Level recorder. There are some of the use cases which are being conceptualized for ERP integrations though."

Artificial Intelligence has immense potential in the spaces such as Finance, Supply chain and HR functions. IBSL always loves working on prototypes and solutions with customers and one of the solutions is the mobile app-based attendance with Geo Fencing that uses Selfie pictures to detect workers in uniform. The solution can be integrated with most ERP systems.

While many of the ERP systems now provide personalization features, as part of change management and gaining of acceptance by end-users, this company have started working on bringing personalization by virtue of language, dashboards, process flows and so on.

The workforce of Indiba Business Solutions puts business requirements first and then technology, and there are also regular mentoring sessions to keep up the business and process mindset of the employees. The workforce experience covers certified consultants both in domain and technology area and always restless to take up more services. "With a decent growth and recent focus that had been for domestic customers and the Middle East and Africa IBSL is also now looking at adding capacity to address wider region, and narrow down the product range to be more efficient operationally", concludes Asim Nilose.