Indian Natya: Democratizing Dance Training

Suchithra Sajeev,Managing Director

Suchithra Sajeev

Managing Director

Changing lifestyles for better mental and physical health standards have popularized activities like Aerobics, Yoga and Dance. Dancing has a deep-rooted relationship with regional culture. It is a skill which demands a passionate pursuit to master the craft and its wide regional varieties makes it difficult for a single individual to master all dance forms. In modern day, dance training is being sought after by many aspirants who lack the competency and detailed knowledge on particular dance forms. This leaves the aspirants/students with a void of knowledge and inability to improve dancing as an art instead of sufficient passion and dedication.

Indian Natya is based in Abu Dhabi and has an immense exposure to dancing forms for a span of more than two decades. Its founder Suchithra Sajeev has completed her Post Graduation in Bharat Natyam and also has a B.Tech degree in Computer Science Engineering. Indian Natya is currently providing world wide services through online classes and has face-to-face classes in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Suchithra, Managing Director of Indian Natya says, "I always give importance to perfection and attention to the detail. Indian Natya is basically the shape my dream of combining my passion as a dancer and my skills as a computer engineer".

Detailing Classical Dance for over 25 Years
Suchithra continues, "I started learning dance at the age of three years. I have participated in many competitions, stage performances and blessed with my family support towards my passion in dance. I had extensive opportunities of getting trained and learning from various teachers throughout my journey as a student. I never gave up on dance and always pursued it also during my engineering period. I have won many accolades in my
dancing career for example I have been Nritya Pradibha, Sarga Kendra in Kerala along with other medals and prizes. In 2018 and 2019, In Dubai I have twice awarded with Amazing Teacher. In a fashion show in 2019 in Abu Dhabi I received the best smile award".

Indian natya is growing strong with over 100 students from various parts of the world like usa, uk, europe, asia and africa by providing classes at appropriate time zones

Indian Natya is growing strong with over 100 students from various parts of the world like US, UK, Europe, Asia and Africa by providing classes at appropriate time zones. The company also provides free trial classes before joining the regular online classes and is working strongly by looking for passionate dancers. Bharatnatyam, Mohininatyam, Kerala Natyam, Kuchipudi are some of the classical dance forms offered by Indian Natya. Folk Dance, Bollywood and Contemporary dance are some of the other dance forms that are taught depending upon the preference of the students. Suchithra adds, "We have observed that children love learning dance in a face-to-face or online model. Students with a keen interest and being passionate about dance as a subject discriminates their learning approach from others".

Combining Skill & Knowledge
Suchithra Sajeev is a five time recipient of Kalathilakam title in School festivals. She has the experience as a live television performer and has been a group performer and choreographer in her initial days. Her knowledge as a Computer Science Engineering graduate helps Indian Natya in improving client connectivity and following technological upgradation in the virtual dancing studio segment. Suchithra concludes, "We have very good Google page rankings globally and client testimonials, and we offer free trials classes to deliver the needful making us unique in the industry. Our students are from diverse backgrounds from kids who are pure beginners to engineers, doctors and celebrities".