IndiaCarNews: Taking On the Goliaths in the Automotive News Sector

Vikas Yogi, Chhavi Kaushik & Amit Sharma,Co-FoundersThe only thing that has ever changed the world is thoughtful people answering their true calling. Vikas Yogi, ChhaviKaushik &Amit Sharma answered their call in 2015 when they decided to start an automotive news portal, (VAC Digital Communications Pvt.Ltd.). With expertise in the field of automobile journalism and content writing, the trio laid a strong foundation for the company and soon started getting the better of established dotcom automotive news giants. The portal made its way to the top of the pedestal in two vernaculars, English & Hindi (country's first premium Hindi automobile news channel on YouTube) and is leading the automobile information platform in India by example. In the automotive content space, IndiaCarNews became No.1 within first year of its inception, and has retained that ever since.

Unparalleled Content
The main source of information for is OEMs who provide instantaneous updates from deep within the automobile industry, and the company’s personal sources. When given an automobile to review, the in-house automobile geniuses steer right into the heart of the action, making impeccable reviews time and again. These reviews come in
various layers starting from design language, ride quality, comfort, and mileage to other magnified facets. State-of-the-art tools like VBOX are used to log the behavior of a vehicle like acceleration, speed measurements, distance, braking distance, cornering forces and others. By taking this plethora of information, proficient writers at the Jaipur office(soon shifting base to Gurgaon)pen down their captivating reviews which usually are captured in one page.“We are headstrong is making sure our users get all the information in one page and don’t have to click on multiple tabs,” asserts Vikas.

Aiming to be the top player on social media, has successfully gained a foothold on Facebook where two of its pages are perched at second and fifth seat in terms of reach and engagement

IndiaCarNews’ web content is further extrapolated into news, comparisons, videos, two wheelers and galleries sections, and each one excels at the stipulated function. While expeditiously bringing automobile happenings around the world to the user's fingertip, the portal also details specifications of the similarly performing and prized automobiles in both content and pictorial formats. IndiaCarNews also outshines the competition at making in-depth videos of the good and the bad of the test driven cars and bikes. Further more, the gallery section
show cases a pictorial presentation of all the vehicles in attractive angles, in & out and its proprietary 'buying guide' helps the readers make a decision without doubt. Aiming to be the top player on social media, has successfully gained a foothold on Facebook where two of its pages are perched at second and fifth seat in terms of reach and engagement.

Experts in the field of content, founders focus firmly on their content and SEO strategy where their true strength resides. Deep penetration into the SEO helps the company tremendously in making sure the produced content reaches the right audience at the right time. With almost no competition in the vernacular content production, IndiaCarNews boasts of an extremely fast growing Hindi channel which has helped it become top influencers for buyers of our multilingual country.

Future Roadmap
Capitalizing on its heavy website traffic,IndiaCarNews aims to enter the automotive e-Commerce business within next six months, and develop a native app. Having its sights set on becoming a major player in the video production segment, the company is planning on creating 360° video content web series which promises immersive experience for the buyers. With major revenue coming from Google AdSense, Google Adx and advertorial content marketing of automobile companies, this team of eight plans on expanding its horizon with lead generation to meet the demands of OEMs and in turn gain sponsorships for different concepts in their video production.