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Arpit Rajain,  Partner & Head Risk Management

Arpit Rajain

Partner & Head Risk Management

In times of uncertainties, companies often lose-out their consciousness panicking about the situation. However, such situations test their critical capabilities targeting companies’ potential in terms of enhancing reputation and ensuring compliance while delivering real business value, hence demanding to prepare for the unexpected beforehand. Explicating on such situations, Arpit Rajain, Partner & Head Risk Management Practice, India Bound, avers, “GRC frameworks galore. However, there is no one size that fits all. Every approach, every situation, every solution, every client and their issues all are different”. Addressing this need, New Delhi based India Bound stands tall as a reliable partner offering bespoke solutions in the niche space of Governance, Risk and Compliance, catering to every client’s needs in a wider framework. Backed by strong technology, this 2016-founded firm uniquely blends industry benchmarking, international standards, robust process review and decades of industry experience to provide holistic GRC solutions.

It understands that a cookie cutter approach is an old adage, and hence comprehends every client’s situation, needs and issues in a wider context, and offers bespoke solutions. Under its suite of services, India Bound provides risk assessment, crisis management, travel security, executive briefings, asset protection, employee safety, operational risk, business continuity, investigation, due diligence, corporate legal, compliance, mergers and acquisition services. Its flagship offering Gap Analysis, also referred to as Grid360Risk, seamlessly blends experience, process mapping and dives deep across multiple functions, technology and management accountability. Adding to this expertise is India Bound’s excellence in knowing and understanding risk at most granular level on hourly basis, thus helping clients manage emerging risks for travelers, executives and senior management.

Besides designing situation-based solution, India Bound also deploys bespoke tools & applications, whereas its unique proposition of 360 degree vision entitles it to look at same problem through multiple lenses. The venture works in joint effort with clients, while the cross functional teams deliver holistic GRC solution in all the engagements. Furthermore, its risk monitoring and assessment work utilizes proprietary algorithm that feeds into smart dashboard and draws databases for monitoring and assessing risk on an ongoing basis. Leveraging these expertises, India Bound
tenders exact solutions to clients suitable to their cause. “Today, clients desire for information that directly impacts them, their operations and market reputation at their locations. Therefore, we associate with them in very holistic manner. A unique experience has been in Sri Lanka where the entire country is going through a round of enhanced security consciousnesses,” avers Arpit.

We form a cross-functional team in all our engagements to deliver a holistic GRC solution

Blending Professionalism with Excellence
Every India Bound analyst at least holds Masters and senior analysts hold Ph.D degree, while the group shares real experience in some difficult terrain, which has layers, taxation, compliance, regulatory affairs, M&A, risk, security, business continuity, investigation, due diligence, and forensic professionals. In fact, the company’s blend of enhanced governance has people from CEO/CXO level who are leaving mark of excellence through their services. With all the practice lines heads having over 22+ years of experience, solutioning a governance or a risk problem becomes easy considering the vast range of situations practiced by experts. “The unique part is the joint effort that goes in solutioning when we work with our clients. We form a cross functional team in all our engagements to deliver a holistic GRC solution,” explains Arpit. The company that adheres to multiple industry standards, licenses and certifications never steps back in sending its analyst to a difficult zone/disaster prone area. In fact, India Bound team was in Sri Lanka within two days of the blasts and had been working with multiple clients, ascertaining they are more resilient, aware and certainly more robust. It even evacuated 23 people from Kerala during flood.

Catering to a wide spectrum, including aviation, mining, ITeS, automobile, banking, insurance, oil and gas companies, several of whom are across Asia and Middle East, Arpit shares India Bound’s engagement with a notable data analytics firm for broad governance requirements. He adds, “In working with their risk, legal, employee relations, procurement, accounts payable, supply chain and compliance, we were able to identify six top risks that needed to be addressed and more than one dozen enablers that would aid the growth of firm”.

Awarded as the Best Risk Management Team of the Year at ERM World Summit 2019, and The Most Innovative Risk Management Strategy of the Year 2018 at the CRO Leadership Summit, India Bound aims at raising its revenues by 35 percent and directly links its future roadmap to the value company enhances, growing its geographical reach in Europe & Africa and investing in technology for seamless user experience. Recognizing its workforce as the company’s greatest asset, India Bound continues to make investments in technology, people and processes.

Key Management
Arpit Rajain, Partner & Head - Risk Management,

In his 20 years of career as risk management professional, Arpit has worked in sectors like Oil & Natural Gas, Banking, Financial, Aviation, Shipping, Mining, IT & ITeS.

Offices: New Delhi & Bangalore

Services: Risk Management, Governance & Assurance