Ideashacks Coworking: Supporting Budding Startups to Flourish in the Ecosystem

Arjun Veer Chadha,CEOLeaving behind the brick & mortar mentality, today’s commercial space providers understand the major difference between a mere shared office and business centre vis-a-vis building a community for the growth of budding organizations. Not stopping with merely offering basic amenities to generate revenues, these community builders are contributing to a startup’s overall growth. Taking this vision to a whole new level is Ideashacks Coworking, an innovation space provider focused on fostering community building through in-house expertise in HR, Advisory, Accounting and Training functions at their desk. Creating a complementary skill space for startups, the company eclipses the competition by helping its clients to build a business model by sharing the Ideas & Hacks with them that would put their development on rocket fuel. Some of the core services provided by
Ideashacks are namely HR services, accounting services, business advice and marketing support.

Perks at Ideashacks
Unlike other companies who merely focus on filling seats, Ideashacks Coworking is a ‘Community First’ hub. “We have 59 startups in our ecosystem in Faridabad. We provide the advisory services to them through our board of advisors, who advise and nudge the startups in the right direction,” asserts Arjun Veer Chadha, CEO, Ideashacks Coworking. The fact that more than 75 percent of its members have been associated with it for more than two years depicts that it’s been meeting their needs, apace with their changing requirements.

"Unlike other companies who merely focus on filling seats, Ideashacks Coworking is a ‘Community First’ hub"

All the Startups associated with Ideashacks are selected through a carefully curated procedure, where due-diligence is exercised to determine whether they would be able to add value to the community by analyzing factors akin to their domain of expertise, offerings & others. Blessed with the best alliances, the company offers special perks to its members like AWS startup package to special discounts at Treebo hotels and everything in the middle.
The Believer of Innovation
A big believer in Innovation, Ideashacks accelerates its members’ growth by offering eight training sessions every month covering deep-learning, coding, HR training, strategy planning, and more to its members & their employees. It also organizes mentor sessions, where members can have a chat with these mentors and leverage their domain expertise. “Whenever you are stuck, you need something to solve it, and that is what we provide,” adjoins Arjun. Agreeing to the fact that innovation is execution, Ideashacks is taking all steps needed to become a space where innovation is key.

Sparing no efforts to be called different in the industry, Ideashacks has chosen the space& building that suits the personality of the destination that is Faridabad. The space flips the definition of a normal office. It is an industrial building with a 14 ft. high ceilings, skylight area, indoor badminton zone, event zones, sunlit from all four sides, with a maker space, co-warehousing and a recording studio. In its journey from a 5000 sq.ft. space, the company has grown tremendously into a spacious 22,000 sq.ft. spacious area, witnessing a whopping 15 percent growth every month. Further, Ideashacks is on its way to launch coworking spaces in Gurgaon and Khan Market shortly.