ICE Group India: Striving to Provide Outstanding Solutions in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Disha Shah, COO & Director,  Mohit Khanna, CEO & MD

Disha Shah, COO & Director

Mohit Khanna, CEO & MD

Tourism industry is one of the fastest expanding markets. The market is highly fragmented and is likely to grow rapidly. According to statistics, the MICE business was valued at $215.1 billion in 2020 and is expected to increase at a CAGR of 21.3 percent to $1,337.4 billion by 2028. This demonstrates the market's obvious importance. Since 2010, the ICE Group India has consistently delivered exceptional impressions and experiences to their clientele. With travel as their core business, they have created memories for their customers in every part of the globe. They are a proud experiential agency that offers specialty experience to their clients in both the travel and event management verticals. Furthermore, the firm does not believe in delivering only one type of service to their customers since, in today's world, clients demand greater ideas and better services all in one place.

When asked why India is important for the tourist and hospitality industries, Mohit Khanna responded, "It is one of the largest industries in India, which is completely focused on customer service, where Indians basically travel a lot for job or leisure.

With the motto 'Whenever and Wherever', ICE Group India wants to be the market leader in the event and MICE sectors. Their flagship offerings with expertise and best practices
are what set them apart. They have developed niche products that are adaptive to changing times with a personalised touch and use of diverse technology, with a lot of innovation in each project.

Their flagship offers range from a 10 person meeting to a 10,000 person gathering anywhere in the globe. Furthermore, they not only contribute their knowledge and best practices, but they also place a high value on technology adaptation as a step toward sustainable tourism. One of their most recent offerings is Wedding knots, which handles wedding preparation from beginning to end.

With the motto 'Whenever and Wherever', ICE Group India wants to be the market leader in the event and MICE sectors

A Unique Venture
With a simple one-liner as their mission, they aspire to build striking long-term connections with their consumers by creating impressions and experiences on par with any Global agency in the world. To maintain a mutually beneficial connection with their clients, they have a mission to give innovative, effective, and pioneering resolutions aimed at expanding their reach and developing their businesses, and as a result, growing ICE India's business as well with client satisfaction. With excellent customer service, ICE Group India has its own team that travels with customers, as contrary to other travel agencies that hire tour managers. They are the most preferred in the market because they are available 24/7 and can provide 11th hour solutions to their clients.

When asked about the company's success, Disha Shah stated, "Being very transparent with the customers and valuing each client to provide resolutions regardless of the business they create adds up to our current success journey.” Some of the primary pain points they face are last minute plans and circumstances such as pandemics, which generate a lot of bother in the planning and implementation. But they face these issues head on and present their clients with the best solutions possible.

In the future years, ICE Group India plans to triple its growth by surpassing the 100 crore milestone as a firm. Furthermore, they want to be the best experiential agency in the country, offering anything and everything related to travel and events. Their short-term focus is on creating Wedding Knots a success and meeting its target.