HRMTHREAD: An Integrated Solution To Simplify Your HR & Payroll Processes And Rise Beyond Your Potential

Sunil Mahadik ,  Co-Founder & Director

Sunil Mahadik

Co-Founder & Director

Human resources are probably one of the most important aspects of running an organization. It deals with issues related to compensation, performance management organization development, benefits, employee motivations and trainings. It contributes greatly to the overall companies’ goals and objectives.

Sensys Technologies incorporated in the year 2004, pioneer in software development & sales with proven expertise in the field of HR & Payroll, Fixed Asset, Taxation, XBRL, BPM Solutions, CRM and Customized Applications. Headquartered in Mumbai with presence across India Sensys Technologies has established their reputation in HR and Payroll Management software in the market. The company has completed Fifteen years of Information Technology operations. The organization has a group of various IT and marketing professionals and technical associates. Sensys Technologies stretches a step ahead to make HRMTHREAD a primary solution for the HR functions of growing businesses.

HRMTHREAD’s user friendly interface serves as a guarantee to any clients and makes their work easy and gives more time to concentrate on the other departments of the
organization.“ The primary features provided by HRMTHREAD concentrate on complete Online HR & Payroll software real time integration with biometrics, uploading company documents for employee viewing and making HR policies”, says Sunil Mahadik, Co-Founder & Director Sensys Technologies. The software offers nearly fifteen modules with different functionalities brought together on a single platform. This permits stakeholders, users and employees to focus on their work productivity and other growth centric tasks by avoiding the routine manual work. HRMTHREAD also allows organizations to host the system on their premises or provide a secured cloud space.

HRMTHREAD is a robust online HR & Payroll Management Software that takes care of the HR records of every employee working in an organization

Location wise policy configurations, multi located employees’, time & attendance management, automated approval workflow for various applications through employees and customized report creations as required, are some of the common pain points of many organizations. HRMTHREAD has been able to serve all the organizations from various verticals and industry types. The software offers real time attendance data through employee portal, mobile applications or biometric machine integration. This helps in automatic attendance processing for the user to avoid the routine excel work. Multiple policies can be configured in HRMTHREAD with its individual condition. The software allows the organizations to assign it to the whole branch, department and grade or even to a single employee. Multiple salary structure with the respective components can also be created and assigned through this process. The software allows multiple work flow configuration for various employee applications through employee portal or mobile applications. It provides a wide range of report generation with standard one click reports or customized reports using the report builder option. HRMTHREAD software is used by different small, medium and big enterprises to accelerate the expansion of the business. Sensys Technologies are taking initiative in the field of HR and Payroll for improving the software technology and supporting through research & development. The organization have provided services to different esteemed clients such as Reliance, Raymond’s, Finolex, Jai Corp, Kanakia, DeltaCorp, NIIT, SIES College, OPPO mobile to name a few.